Research Reports 1989

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Tina Howell CREWES Project computer system design Abstract Document
  2 Mark P. Harrison Three-component seismic data processing: Carrot Creek, Alberta Abstract Document
  3 Don C. Lawton Nine-component refraction statics survey Abstract Document
  4 Armin W. Schafer The determination of converted-wave statics using P refractions together with SV refractions Abstract Document
  5 Robin T. Slotboom and Don C. Lawton Depth-variant mapping and moveout correction of converted-wave data Abstract Document
  6 David W. S. Eaton and Robert R. Stewart Aspects of seismic imaging using P-SV converted waves Abstract Document
  7 D. T. Nguyen and R. J. Brown and D. C. Lawton Polarization filter for multi-component seismic data Abstract Document
  8a David G. Schieck Phase matched filters to remove surface wave noise from converted P-SV data Abstract Document
  8b David G. Schieck and R. R. Stewart Generating Vs from Vp sonic logs Abstract Document
  9 Brad Nazar and Don C. Lawton An interpretive study of multicomponent seismic data over a Cardium oil reservoir in the Carrot Creek field of West Central Alberta Abstract Document
  10 Ashraf Abdalla P-SV numerical modelling and AVO of the Cardium conglomerate in the Carrot Creek field of central Alberta, Canada Abstract Document
  11 J. Thurston, D. Lawton, and R. Stewart P-SV synthetic seismograms Abstract Document
  12 Susan L. M. Miller Analysis of array sonic logs from the Medicine River field, Alberta Abstract Document
  13 C. D. Grace and R. R. Stewart CT scans of a conglomerate core Abstract Document
  14 Stephane Labonte and Robert R. Stewart Modal separation, mapping and inverting three-component VSP data Abstract Document
  15 Robert R. Stewart and S. P. Cheadle Ultrasonic modeling of borehole seismic surveys Abstract Document
  16 Ashraf A. Abdalla and Robert R. Stewart Reflection processing of synthetic crosshole seismic data Abstract Document
  17 R. James Brown Relationships between the velocities and the elastic constants of an anisotropic solid possessing orthorhombic symmetry Abstract Document
  18 S. P. Cheadle and D. C. Lawton Physical model study of orthorhombic anisotropy Abstract Document
  19 Don C. Lawton, Scott P. Cheadle, Eric V. Gallant and Malcolm B. Bertram Elastic physical seismic modelling Abstract Document
  20 H. Chung and D. C. Lawton AVO analysis and complex attributes for a Glauconitic gas sandbar Abstract Document
  21 David W. S. Eaton The free surface effect: Implications for amplitude-versus-offset inversion Abstract Document
  22 D. C. Lawton and S. P. Cheadle, E. V. Gallant and M. B. Bertram Physical seismic modelling of sand-filled channels Abstract Document
  23 R. R. Stewart and D. G. Schieck 3-D f-k filtering Abstract Document