Research Reports 1996

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Robert R. Stewart and Don C. Lawton P-S seismic exploration: A mid-term overview Abstract Document
  2 Eric V. Gallant and Robert R. Stewart and Malcolm B. Bertram Development of an auto-orienting geophone Abstract Document
  3 Henry C. Bland and Robert R. Stewart Geophone orientation, location, and polarity for 3-C seismic surveys Abstract Document
  4 Eric V. Gallant and Robert R. Stewart and Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram and Carlos Rodriguez New technologies in marine seismic surveying: Overview and physical modelling experiments Abstract Document
  5 Nicolas W. Martin and R. James Brown Compressional velocity, seismic attenuation and permeability relationships for sandstones from WOSPP Abstract Document
  6 Kangan Fang and R. James Brown The relationship of Thomsen anisotropic parameters to the crack density of a cracked medium Abstract Document
  7 Kangan Fang and R. James Brown Implementation of numerical modelling in anisotropic media by pseudo-spectral method Abstract Document
  8 Chanpen Silawongsawat and Gary F. Margrave Multiple generation in normal incidence synthetic seismograms Abstract Document
  9 Jitendra S. Gulati and Robert R. Stewart Analysis of multi mode seismic conversions from high-velocity layers Abstract Document
  10 Henry C. Bland and Darren S. Foltinek CREWES computer systems Abstract Document
  11 Henry C. Bland A Matlab interface to ProMAX Abstract Document
  12 Kangan Fang and R. James Brown A new algorithm for the rotation of horizontal components of shear-wave seismic data Abstract Document
  13 Jocelyn Dufour and Darren S. Foltinek The Plus-minus time analysis method and its implementation Abstract Document
  14 Jocelyn Dufour and Don C. Lawton Refraction analysis of the Blackfoot 2D-3C data Abstract Document
  15 Wai-kin Chan f-x statics Abstract Document
  16 Nasser S. Hamarbitan and Gary F. Margrave An investigation of the free surface effect Abstract Document
  17 Xinxiang Li and John C. Bancroft Surface consistent statics correction associated with EOM procedure Abstract Document
  18 Wai-kin Chan and Robert R. Stewart Transformation of P-S to P-P seismic data Abstract Document
  19 Gary F. Margrave Theory of nonstationary linear filtering in the Fourier domain with application to time variant filtering Abstract Document
  20 Michael A. Slawinski and Raphael A. Slawinski and R. James Brown Analytical inversion for Thomsen's gamma parameter in weakly anisotropic layered media Abstract Document
  21 Robert J. Ferguson and Gary F. Margrave A simple algorithm for band-limited impedance inversion Abstract Document
  22 Robert R. Stewart and Robert J. Ferguson Shear-wave interval velocity from P-S stacking velocities Abstract Document
  23 Gary F. Margrave and John C. Bancroft and HughD. Geiger The theoretical basis for prestack migration by equivalent offset Abstract Document
  24 John C. Bancroft An independent processing concept based on equivalent offsets: From statics to migration Abstract Document
  25 Xinxiang Li and John C. Bancroft An efficient and accurate algorithm for constructing common scatter point gathers Abstract Document
  26 John C. Bancroft The NMO stretch factor and dip limits in EOM Abstract Document
  27 John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger Energy concentration as a function of dip on Cheop's pyramid and CSP gathers Abstract Document
  28 John C. Bancroft Fast 3-D Kirchhoff poststack time migration with velocity analysis Abstract Document
  29 John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger and Gary F. Margrave and Shaowu Wang and Darren S. Foltinek Prestack migration by equivalent offsets and CSP gathers Abstract Document
  30 Darren S. Foltinek An overview of cross-platform document technology Abstract Document
  31 Darren S. Foltinek and Henry C. Bland 1996 CREWES software release Abstract Document
  32 Grace Y.C. Yang and Robert R. Stewart 9C-2D seismic data analysis: Olds, Alberta Abstract Document
  33 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton AVO analysis of 3-D seismic data at Cold Lake Abstract Document
  34 Hans-Henrik Westbroek and Robert R. Stewart The formation, morphology, and economic potential of meteorite impact craters Abstract Document
  35 Jill Belisle and Robert R. Stewart In-seam GPR and 2-C seismic investigations at the Goderich, Ontario salt mine Abstract Document
  36 Henry C. Bland Interactive visualization of seismic horizons over the World Wide Web Abstract Document
  37 Colin C. Potter and Gary F. Margrave and Susan L.M. Miller and Vladan Simin Formation elastic parameters and synthetic P-P and P-S seismograms for the Blackfoot field Abstract Document
  38 Don C. Lawton Design review of Blackfoot 3C-3D program Abstract Document
  39 Vladan Simin and Mark P. Harrison and Gary A. Lorentz Processing the Blackfoot 3C-3D seismic survey Abstract Document
  40 Qi Zhang and Robert R. Stewart and John M. Parkin and Zandong Sun Analysis of the Blackfoot 3C-3D VSP survey Abstract Document
  41 Robert R. Stewart and Qi Zhang 2-D and 3-D VSP Interpretation: Blackfoot Field, Alberta Abstract Document
  42 Vladan Simin and Gary F. Margrave and Grace Y.C. Yang AVO measurements for P-P and P-S data in the Blackfoot 3C-3D dataset Abstract Document
  43 Alana R. Schoepp and Gary F. Margrave Signal band estimation of the Blackfoot 3C-3D experiment Abstract Document
  44 Todor Todorov and Grace Y.C. Yang and Robert R. Stewart Mapping the distribution of sand/shale lithologies and porosity in Blackfoot - a geostatistical approach Abstract Document
  45 Dan Gr. Vetrici and Robert R. Stewart 3-D seismic attributes Abstract Document
  46 Grace Y.C. Yang and Don C. Lawton and Robert R. Stewart and Susan L.M. Miller and Colin C. Potter and Vladan Simin Interpretation and analysis of the Blackfoot 3C-3D seismic survey Abstract Document