Research Reports 1997

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  01 Gary F. Margrave Zero offset seismic resolution theory for linear v(z) Abstract Document
  02 Malcolm B. Bertram and Eric V. Gallant Geophone element testing Abstract Document
  03 Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Robert R. Stewart New multi-component acquisition equipment: An initial report Abstract Document
  04 Dan Cieslewicz and Don C. Lawton A three-component field study of the effect of the low-velocity layer on converted-wave seismic data Abstract Document
  05 Robert R. Stewart, Brian Hoffe, Henry C. Bland, Gary Margrave, Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram The Blackfoot high-resolution 3-C seismic survey: design and initial results Abstract Document
  06 Ayon K. Dey and Robert R. Stewart Predicting density using Vs and Gardner's relationship Abstract Document
  07 Grace Y.C. Yang and Robert R. Stewart Linking petrophysical parameters with seismic parameters Abstract Document
  08 Robert R. Stewart, Henry C. Bland, Qi Zhang, and Felix Guthoff Average versus interval Vp/Vs Abstract Document
  09 Jitendra S. Gulati*, Robert R. Stewart*, Janusz Peron+ and John M. Parkin+. * CREWES Project, + Western Atlas Logging Services. 3C-3D VSP: Normal moveout correction and VSPCDP transformation Abstract Document
  10 Colin C. Potter and Darren S. Foltinek Formation elastic parameters by deriving S-wave velocity logs Abstract Document
  11 Robert R. Stewart and Jitendra S. Gulati 3-D VSP: Recent history and future promise Abstract Document
  12 Robert R. Stewart and Henry Bland An approximate relationship between Rps and Rss Abstract Document
  13 Chanpen Silawongsawat and Gary F. Margrave Elastic modeling by phase-shift cascade with scattering matrix control Abstract Document
  14 Michael A. Slawinski The P-SV conversion point in constant-gradient media Abstract Document
  15 Nasser S. Hamarbitan and Gary F. Margrave, Attenuation for TIV Media: An Experience with Osiris Modelling Software Abstract Document
  16 Henry C. Bland and Darren S. Foltinek CREWES computer systems Abstract Document
  17 Jeffrey A. Larsen, Gary F. Margrave and Darren S. Foltinek New developments in the SYNTH algorithm Abstract Document
  18 Darren S. Foltinek, Gary F. Margrave, Jeffrey A. Larsen and Henry C. Bland 1997 CREWES software release Abstract Document
  19 Gary F. Margrave Nonstationary filtering: review and update Abstract Document
  20 Alana R. Schoepp and Gary F. Margrave Time variant spectral inversion Abstract Document
  21 John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger Analysis and design of filters for differentiation Abstract Document
  22 Ayon K. Dey and Laurence R. Lines Investigating the randomness assumption in wavelet estimation Abstract Document
  23 Xinxiang Li and John C. Bancroft Residual Statics using CSP gathers Abstract Document
  24 Wai-kin Chan and Robert R. Stewart F-x statics for P-S seismic data Abstract Document
  25 Jitendra S. Gulati and Robert R. Stewart. Analysis of mode conversions over high-velocity layers Abstract Document
  26 Xinxiang Li and John C. Bancroft A new algorithm for converted wave pre-stack migration Abstract Document
  27 Xinxiang Li, Yong Xu and John C. Bancroft Equivalent offset migration: the implementation and application update Abstract Document
  28 John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger Anatomy of common scatterpoint (CSP) gathers formed during equivalent offset prestack migration (EOM) Abstract Document
  29 John C. Bancroft, Gary F. Margrave, and Hugh D. Geiger A kinematic comparisons of conventional processing, DMOPSI, and EOM Abstract Document
  30 Gary F. Margrave and Robert J. Ferguson Wavefield extrapolation by nonstationary phase shift Abstract Document
  31 Robert J. Ferguson and Gary F. Margrave Algorithm comparisons for nonstationary phase shift Abstract Document
  32 Robert J. Ferguson and Gary F. Margrave Nonstationary phase shift (NSPS) for TI media Abstract Document
  33 Jinming Zhu, Laurence R. Lines and Samuel H. Gray Smiles and frowns in migration/velocity analysis Abstract Document
  34 Yong Xu and John C. Bancroft Joint AVO analysis of PP and PS seismic data Abstract Document
  35 Wai-kin Chan and Robert R. Stewart Logarithmic correlation of P-P and P-S seismic data Abstract Document
  36 Brian H. Hoffe, Andrew J. Burton and Laurence R. Lines Comparison of 2D pre-stack and 3D post-stack migrations from the Matagami mining camp, Quebec Abstract Document
  37 Vladan Simin Post-stack attribute analysis of the 9C seismic survey - Olds, Alberta Abstract Document
  38 Michael J. Mazur and Robert R. Stewart The seismic expression and hydrocarbon potential of meteorite impact craters: Current research Abstract Document
  39 Todor Todorov, Dan Hampson, and Brian Russell Sonic log predictions using seismic attributes Abstract Document
  40 Todor Todorov and Robert R. Stewart Geostatistical analysis of 3C-3D seismic data for depth, isopachs, and sand/shale distribution. Abstract Document
  41 Gary F. Margrave, Don C. Lawton, Robert R. Stewart, Susan L.M. Miller, Grace Y.C. Yang, Vladan Simin, Colin C. Potter, Qi Zhang and Todor Todorov The Blackfoot 3C-3D seismic survey: A case study Abstract Document
  42 Carlos Rodriguez-Suarez, Robert R. Stewart, Xinxiang Li and John C. Bancroft Analyzing 4-C marine seismic data from the Valhall field, Norway Abstract Document