Slide Shows for 2006

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 David C. Henley, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Hall, Henry Bland, Eric Gallant and Gary Margrave High-effort seismic acquisition   Document
  2 Don Lawton, Malcolm Bertram, Gary Margrave and Eric Gallant Comparisons between data recorded by several 3-component coil geophones and a MEMS sensor at the Violet Grove monitor seismic survey   Document
  3 Michael S. Hons and Robert R. Stewart Transfer functions of geophones and accelerometers and their effects on frequency content and wavelets   Document
  4 Henry Bland Passive seismic recording performance   Document
  5 Jason McCrank, Han-xing Lu, Kevin Hall, Don C. Lawton Well log study and seismic survey of a coal-bed methane site: Alder Flats, Alberta   Document
  6 David Emery and Robert Stewart Using VP/VS to explore for sandstone reservoirs: well log and synthetic seismograms from the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland   Document
  7 Joe Wong, Henry Bland, Kevin Hall, Soo Miyong and Robert Stewart Acquisition and preliminary analysis of the Castle Mountain shallow VSP dataset   Document
  8 Zuolin Chen and Robert Stewart Detecting and locating microseismic events using downhole arrays   Document
  9 John C. Bancroft and Xiang Du Locating microseismic events and traveltime mapping using locally spherical wavefronts   Document
  10 Carlos A. Montaña, Gary F. Margrave and Dave Henley Surface-consistent Gabor deconvolution   Document
  11 Brian Russell, David Gray, Dan Hampson and Larry Lines Linearized AVO and poroelasticity   Document
  12 Chuck Ursenbach, Arnim Haase and Jon Downton Improvements to spherical-wave AVO modeling   Document
  13 Arnim B. Haase and Charles P. Ursenbach Spherical-wave AVO modeling in isotropic media   Document
  14 P. F. Daley Ray-reflectivity method   Document
  15 Yongwang Ma and Gary F. Margrave Adaptive partitioning for Gabor wavefield extrapolation   Document
  16 Chad Hogan and Gary Margrave Planewave migration and frequency-dependent velocity smoothing: use and abuse of the l2 norm   Document
  17 Gary Margrave, Saleh Al Saleh, Michael Lamoureux and Wentao Sun The annular-sum and Hale-McClellan methods of 3D wavefield extrapolation   Document
  18 W. Sun, R. Maier, G. Margrave, M. Lamoureux A practical implementation of FOCI - FORFOCI depth migration   Document
  19 Pavan Elapavuluri and John C. Bancroft Equivalent offset migration in anisotropic media   Document
  20 Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary Margrave P-impedance, S-impedance and density from linear AVO inversion: Application to a VSP dataset from Alberta   Document
  21 Zhihong Cao and John Bancroft Multiple attenuation using a high-resolution time-domain Radon transform   Document
  22 Han-xing Lu, Kevin W. Hall and Robert R. Stewart Searching for sand reservoirs: Analyzing 3C-3D seismic data from Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan   Document
  23 Jeffrey F. Tan, Henry C. Bland and Robert R. Stewart Passive seismic reservoir monitoring techniques applied to heavy oil production   Document
  24 Joe Wong and Rob Stewart Preliminary analysis of a crosswell seismic dataset: Noel tight gas field, British Columbia   Document
  25 Saúl Guevara, Gary Margrave and Robert Stewart Multicomponent data in a complex setting: Catatumbo, Colombia   Document
  26 Roxana M. Varga, Robert R. Stewart and John C. Bancroft Inversion and interpretation of multicomponent seismic data: Willesden Green Alberta   Document
  27 Marcia Couëslan, Don Lawton and Mike Jones Violet Grove CO2 injection pilot: the time-lapse minefield   Document
  28 Duojun Zhang and Larry Lines VP/VS mapping - robustness and quality improvement   Document