Slide Shows for 2011

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Gary Margrave The Hussar low-frequency experiment   Document
  2 Helen Isaac Hurrah for Hussar! Comparisons of stacked data   Document
  3 Malcolm Bertram Source and receiver comparisons from Priddis and Hussar   Document
  4 Peter Gagliardi Geophone azimuth consistency from VSP data   Document
  5 Kevin Hall Earthquake on the Hussar low-frequency experiment   Document
  6 Kris Innanen Frequency dependent AVO analysis of P- S- and C-wave elastic and anelastic reflection data   Document
  7 Chris Bird Field evidence for anelastic and dispersive AVF reflections   Document
  8 Peng Cheng Q estimation by a match filter method   Document
  9 Melissa Hernandez Internal multiple attenuation based on scattering theory: theoretical review and synthetic example   Document
  10 Larry Lines Experimental confirmation of "Reflections on Q"   Document
  11 Chris Harrison Harmonic decomposition of vibroseis sweeps using Gabor analysis.   Document
  12 Liliana Zuleta P and S wave near surface characterization   Document
  13 Don Lawton Seismic imaging of faults at various scales - from the Christchurch NZ earthquake mega-rupture to Horn River Basin microfaults   Document
  14 Pat Daley (presented by G. Margrave) Reflectivity method for the computation of synthetic traces in a plane layered anelastic medium   Document
  15 Joe Wong Acquiring physically-modeled data for VVAZ/AVAZ analysis   Document
  16 Rob Stewart Physical modelling of fractures and Estimating volumetrics from 3C-3D data   Document
  17 Faranak Mahmoudian AVAZ inversion of a fractured medium for anisotropy parameters: A physical modeling experiment   Document
  18 David Cho Seismic fracture detection in the Second White Speckled Shale: Anisotropic perspectives on an isotropic workflow   Document
  19 John Bancroft Deconvolution after migration   Document
  20 Rob Ferguson Elimination of seismic multiples by anisotropic prestack depth migration   Document
  21 Roohollah Askari Estimation of ground roll phase and group velocities   Document
  22 Hassan Khaniani Time domain full waveform inversion algorithm using common scatter point gathers   Document
  23 Heather Lloyd How low can you go? : Finding low frequecies in various places - A Hussar example   Document
  24 Abdolnaser Yousefzadeh Migration velocity analysis of incomplete/irregular data using least squares Kirchhoff migration   Document
  25 Dave Henley How processing affects relative reflection amplitudes   Document
  26 Matt McDonald Numerical modelling of viscoelastic waves by a pseudospectral domain decomposition method   Document
  27 Mahdi Almutlaq Application of a surface consistent match filter (SCMF) on a time-lapse dataset   Document
  28 Brian Russell A Gassmann-consistent rock physics template   Document