Slide Shows for 2014

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Kevin W. Hall and Kevin L. Bertram and Malcolm B. Bertram and Joe Wong and Peter M. Manning and Eric V. Gallant and Kristopher A.H. Innanen and Don C. Lawton and Gary F. Margrave Priddis 2014 surface and walkaway VSP seismic experiment   Document
  2 Don Lawton and Malcolm Bertram and Kevin Bertram and Kevin Hall and Helen Isaac and Jessica Dongas and Davood Nowroozi A 3C-3D seismic survey at a new field research site near Brooks, Alberta   Document
  3 Joe Wong and David Langton Field testing of multiple simultaneous vibrator sources controlled by filtered m-sequences   Document
  4 Shahin Moradi and Don Lawton and Edward Krebes Time-lapse poroelastic modelling for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Alberta   Document
  5 Kris Innanen Setting up multicomponent FWI: parameters, modes & nonlinearity   Document
  6 Shahpoor Moradi and Kristopher Innanen and Hassan Khaniani Numerical analysis of scattering in a viscoelastic medium   Document
  7 Jesse Kolb and David Cho and Kris Innanen Azimuthal AVO and curvature   Document
  8 Gary Margrave Stratigraphic filtering and Q estimation   Document
  9 Tianci Cui and Gary F. Margrave Drift time estimation by dynamic time warping   Document
  10 Michelle Montano and Don Lawton and Gary Margrave Shallow Qp and Qs estimation from multicomponent VSP data   Document
  11 Sina Esmaeili and Gary F. Margrave Improving deconvolution at low frequencies   Document
  12 David C. Henley Through a glass darkly: improving raypath interferometry   Document
  13 Raul Cova and Kris Innanen Inverting raypath-dependent delay times to compute S-wave velocities in the near-surface   Document
  14 Craig Hyslop and Rob Stewart Mapping and migrating ground roll reflections   Document
  15 John C. Bancroft and Helen Isaac and Nassir Saeed Processing seismic data for high spatial resolution   Document
  16 Pan (Penny) Pan and Kris Innanen and Joe Wong 1.5D internal multiple prediction on physical modelling data   Document
  17 Jian Sun and Kris Innanen 1.5D Internal multiple prediction in the plane wave domain   Document
  18 Larry Lines FWI and the "noise" quandary   Document
  19 Marcelo Guarido de Andrade and Larry Lines and Robert Ferguson Full Waveform Inversion: a synthetic test using the PSPI migration   Document
  20 Tunde Arenrin and Gary Margrave and John Bancroft FWI with source illumination: A synthetic case study   Document
  21 Wenyong Pan and Kris Innanen and Gary Margrave and Mike Fehler and Xinding Fang and Junxiao Li Elastic constants estimation in fractured media (HTI) using Gauss-Newton Full Waveform Inversion   Document
  22 Winnie S. Ajiduah and Gary F. Margrave A modeling and migration study of fault shadows   Document
  23 Khaled Al Dulaijan and Gary F. Margrave and Joe Wong Studies of physical model and 3D field data for evidence of fracture induced azimuthal anisotropy   Document
  24 Bona Wu and Don Lawton and Kevin Hall Analysis of multicomponent walkaway vertical seismic profile data   Document
  25 Jessica Dongas and Don Lawton Development of a geostatic model for a geoscience field research station in Alberta   Document
  26 Rafael Asuaje and Don Lawton Sensitivity of interval Vp/Vs analysis of seismic data   Document
  27 Brian Russell and Claude Ribordy New edge detection methods for seismic interpretation   Document