Slide Shows for 2016

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
0 Kris Innanen Welcome and Introduction   Document
1 Kris Innanen A geometrical model of DAS angle dependence and vector/tensor estimation   Document
2 Kevin W. Hall1, J. Helen Isaac, Malcolm B. Bertram, Kevin L. Bertram, Don C. Lawton, Alexis Constantinou, Doug Schmitt, Randy Kofman, Jennifer Eccles , Vera Lay, Stefan Buske, John Townend, Martha Savage, Andrew Gorman and Richard Kellett Always finding faults: New Zealand 2016   Document
3 Bobby Gunning, Don Lawton and Helen Isaac The promise of 3C-3D seismic data for improved imaging and reservoir characterization in the Alberta oil sands   Document
4 Don Lawton, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Hall, Kevin Bertram and Marie Macquet Walkaway S-wave VSP at Priddis and update on DAS fibre installation at Brooks   Document
5 Daniel Trad Five-dimensional interpolation: exploring three different Fourier operators   Document
6 Gary Margrave Case study: measurement of Q and cumulative attenuation from VSP data   Document
7 Andrew Mills and Kris Innanen Processing ground roll for the studay of near-surface Rayleigh dispersion   Document
8 Raul Cova and Kris Innanen PS-wave traveltime difference inversion for near-surface characterization in the tau-p domain   Document
9 Jian Sun, Kris Innanen Elastic internal multiple prediction -Theory and application   Document
10 Evan Mutual, David Cho and Kristopher Innanen Rock physics and time-lapse seismic analysis of thermal heavy oil production   Document
11 Khaled Al Dulaijan & Gary Margrave VVAZ analysis in Altamont-Bluebell Field   Document
12 Sitamai Ajiduah, Gary Margrave and Patrick Daley Azimuthal anisotropy in elastic and equivalent media   Document
13 Huaizhen Chen, Kris Innanen, Yuxin Ji (SINOPEC) and Xiucheng Wei Fluid/porosity term and fracture weaknesses inversion from AVAZ using azimuthal elastic impedance (EI)   Document
14 Marie Macquet, Donald C. Lawton, Jessica Dongas and Jacky Barraza Feasibility study of time-lapse monitoring of CO2 sequestration   Document
15 Davood Nowroozi, Don Lawton and Hassan Khaniani Seismic interpretation of 4D data, a case study: The FRS project   Document
16 Adriana Gordon, Don C. Lawton and David Eaton VSP azimuthal travel time analysis at the Field Research Station near Brooks, AB   Document
17 Hong (Kiki) Xu, Jian Sun, Brian Russell, Kris Innanen Sequential Gaussian Simulation -using multi-variable cokriging   Document
18 L.R. Lines, E.S. Krebes and P.F. Daley SH Waves, Rays, and Full Waveform Inversion   Document
19 Shahpoor Moradi, Kristopher Innanen Effects of attenuation and anisotropy on AVO and FWI sensitivities   Document
20 Wenyong Pan, Kris Innanen, Junxiao Li Quantifying parameter resolution for elastic and anisotropic FWI with multiparameter Hessian probing   Document
21 Scott Keating and Kris Innanen Anacoustic FWI and the problem of model type   Document
22 Yu Geng, Kris Innanen Nonlinear FWI: formulation and examples   Document
23 Khalid Almuteri, Yu Geng, and Kris Innanen Evaluating the potential of reflection-based waveform inversion (RWI)   Document
24 Sergio Romahn and Kris Innanen IMMI: the role of well calibration in the context of high geological complexity   Document
25 Junxiao Li, Kris Innanen, Laurence R. Lines, Wenyong Pan, and Guo Tao PSTD wave field simulation and gradient calculations for anisotropic FWI   Document
26 Daniel Trad Nuts and bolts of least-squares Kirchhoff migration   Document
27 Dennis K. Ellison, Kris Innanen Improved resolution in depth imaging through reflection static corrections derived from model-based moveout   Document
28 Heather K. Hardeman and Michael Lamoureux Grid algebra in finite difference code   Document
29 Ali Fathalianand and Kris Innanen A PML absorbing boundary conditionfor 2D viscoacoustic wave equation in time domain: modeling and imaging   Document
30 Brian Russell and Jiajun Han Jean Morlet and the continuous wavelet transform (CWT)   Document
31 Raul Cova, Matthew Yedlin, Dave Henley, Jean-Yves Dauvignac, Nicolas Fortino, Kevin Hall, Christian Pichot and Stéphane Gaffet Multiantenna GPR data acquisition design   Document
32 Siming Lv and Kris Innanen Towards characterization of intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures   Document
33 Eric Rops & Larry Lines Predicting oil sands viscosity from well logs, NMR logs, and calculated seismic properties   Document