Friday Talks 2014

Please note that any animations or movies that were in the presentations will not play in these files

Date Author(s) Title Availability
  January 17 Rafael Asuaje Vp/Vs analysis for near surface data from Priddis and West campus sites.   Document
  January 24 Shahin Jabbari A framework for linear and nonlinear converted wave time-lapse difference AVO   Document
  January 31 Gary Margrave Results from multi-azimuth numerical modelling over an Orthorhombic medium   Document
  February 7 Tianci Cui Comparing Seismic Imaging Methods (Pre and Post Stack)   Document
  February 14 Eva Caspari Velocity-saturation relations at different scales   Document
  February 14 Jesse Kolb Transdimensional Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods   Document
  February 21   Reading Week - No meeting    
  February 28 Joana Cooper Not Available   Document
  March 7 Chris Petten Not Available   Document
  March 14 Wenyong Pan Not Available   Document
  March 21 Paul McGee Not Available   Document
  March 28 Babatunde Arenrin Modelling and Migration using Acceleware's AxRTM API   Document
  April 4 Kris Innanen Not Available   Document
  April 11   End of the semester    
  Sep-12 Gary Margrave (et al) CREWES Present and Future   Document
  Sep-19 Roy Lindseth Not Available   Document
  Sep-26 Jian Sun 1.5D Internal multiple prediction in plane wave domain   Document
  Oct-03 A. Nassir Saeed Seismic imaging & inversion of the Hussar low frequency seismic data   Document
  Oct-10 Tianci Cui Understanding the evolving seismic wavelet   Document
  Oct-17 Marcello Guarido de Andrade Full Waveform Inversion - A Synthetic Test Using the PSPI Migration   Document
  Oct-24 Jessica Dongas Not Available   Document
  Oct-31   SEG    
  Nov-07 Bona Wu Analysis of multicomponent walkaway vertical seismic profile data, Tucker Lake, Alberta   Document
  Nov-14 Jesse Kolb Understanding and Improving Azimuthal AVO Analysis   Document
  Nov-21 Winnie Ajiduah A modeling and migration study of fault shadows: A synthetic example   Document
  Nov-28 Michelle Montano Shallow Qp and Qx estimation from multicomponent VSP data   Document
  Dec-05   CREWES Sponsor's Meeting    
  Dec-12   End of Semester