Posters for 2016

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
1 Sitamai W. Ajiduah, Gary F. Margrave, Pat F. Daley Azimuthal anisotropy in isotropic heterogeneous elastic model and anisotropic homogeneous equivalent   Document
2 Khaled Al Dulaijan and Gary Margrave S-wave splitting analysis of a 4-C vsp in Altamont-Bluebell field   Document
3 Kevin L. Bertram, Kristopher A.H. Innanen, Don C. Lawton, Kevin W. Hall and Malcolm B. Bertram CREWES in the field 2016, a brief overview   Document
4 Kevin L. Bertram, J. Helen Isaac, Kevin W. Hall and Malcolm B. Bertram Priddis experiment   Document
5 Huaizhen Chen, Kristopher Innanen, Yuxin Ji (SINOPEC) Joint inversion of PP- wave and PSV- wave data for P- wave and S- wave inverse quality factors at different frequencies ? Synthetic test   Document
6 P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes PP and PS reflection and transmission coefficients in anelastic media: the anomalous case (Page 1)   Document
7 P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes PP and PS reflection and transmission coefficients in anelastic media: the anomalous case (Page 2)   Document
8 Matthew Eaid, Jian Sun, Scott Keating, and Kris Innanen Internal multiple prediction in MatLab and Python   Document
9 ProfilesMatthew Eaid, and Kris Innanen Time domain internal multiple prediction on Vertical Seismic Profiles   Document
10 Ali Fathalian, and Kris Innanen The relationship between scattering theory and the reflection coefficient for elastic media: Forward scattering series   Document
11 Marcelo Guarido, Laurence Lines and Robert Ferguson FWI without tears: a forward modeling free gradient   Document
12 Saul E. Guevara, and Gary F. Margrave 3C wave mode separation and preSDMwith topography   Document
13 Heather K. Hardeman and Michael P. Lamoureux Frequency dependent reflection coefficients for a velocity ramp in 2D   Document
14 David C. Henley To boldly go into a new dimension: 3D raypath interferometry   Document
15 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton Brooks Revisited   Document
16 Scott Keating and Kris Innanen Challenges in implementing anacoustic FWI   Document
17 Scott Keating, Kris Innanen and Scott Leaney Quantifying Q in the Chaparral Farnsworth VSP data set   Document
18 Hassan Khaniani and Daniel Trad Radiation patterns in anisotropic models by Kirchhoff modelling/migration and AVO/AZ inversion   Document
19 Oliver Lahr, Gary F. Margrave and Kay Y. Liu Amplitude Migration in v(z) media   Document
20 Bernie Law, Daniel Trad Incorporating reflection data into refraction statics solution   Document
21 Junxiao Li, Kris Innanen, Guo Tao and Larry Lines Elastic wave-vector decomposition using wave vector rotation in anisotropic media   Document
22 Siming Lv, Kris Innanen Implementation of Hagedoorn?s plus-minus method in Matlab GUI   Document
23 Faranak Mahmoudian and Kristopher A. Innanen Towards seismic moment tensor inversion for source mechanism   Document
24 Andrew Mills, Scott Keating, Jian Sun and Kris Innanen The effect of the near surface on internal multiples: a test of 1.5D prediction on synthetic examples   Document
25 Shahpoor Moradi and Kris Innanen Significance and behaviour of the homogeneous and inhomogeneous components of linearized viscoelastic reflection coefficients   Document
26 Wenyong Pan, Kris Innanen Elastic full-waveform inversion: density effects, cycle-skipping and inter-parameter mapping   Document
27 Wenyong Pan, Kris Innanen and Yu Geng Multi-parameter acoustic full-waveform inversion: a comparison of different parameterizations and optimization methods   Document
28 Sergio Romahn and Kris Innanen IMMI's performance with different maximum offsets, source intervals and random noise   Document
29 Sergio Romahn and Kris Innanen IMMI: the role of well calibration in the context of high geological complexity   Document
30 Eric A. Rops and Laurence R. Lines Predicting oil sands viscosity from well logs, NMR logs, and calculated seismic properties   Document
31 Ahmed H. Sigiuk, Matthew J. Yedlin Instantaneous Frequency Es0ma0on using Weighted Least Squares Tikhonov Regularization with Box Constraints   Document
32 Jian Sun, Kristopher Innanen Literature review and discussions of inverse scattering series on internal multiple prediction   Document
33 TodorI. Todorov and Gary F. Margrave RefMod: software program for reflectivity modeling   Document
34 Ronald Weir, D. Eaton, L. Lines, D. Lawton Integrating Seismic Derived Rock properties with Horizontal Well Induced Fractures in the Duvernay   Document
35 Ronald M. Weir, L. Lines, D. Lawton Prestack seismic analysis of the Rangeland Basal Belly River gas pool, Twp. 38 R 20 W4 Alberta   Document
36 Joe Wong and David Langton Enhancing reflection SNRs on Vibroseiscommon-source gathers acquired with m-sequence pilots   Document
37 HuixingZhang, Kristopher A. Innanen Frequency dependent attenuation and dispersion in patchy-saturated porous rocks   Document
38 HuixingZhang, Kristopher A. Innanen Elastic wave equations in modified patchy-saturated media and its numerical simulation   Document