Slide Shows for 2009

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 David W. Eaton and Adam Pidlisecky and Robert J. Ferguson and Kevin W. Hall Quantitative estimation of elastic strain using broadband seismometers   Document
  2 Malcolm B. Bertram and Kevin W. Hall and Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton and Joe Wong and Eric V. Gallant Seismic Acquisition Projects 2009   Document
  3 Don Lawton and Peter Gagliardi and Malcolm Bertram and Hanxing Lu and Kevin Hall and Joanna Cooper and Eric Gallant and Kevin Bertram and Students in Goph549, 2009 A multicomponent seismic survey at Spring Coulee: a data repeatability study   Document
  4 Kevin W. Hall and Gary F. Margrave and Malcolm B. Bertram Comparison of low-frequency data from co-located receivers using frequency dependent least-squares-subtraction scalars   Document
  5 Zimin Zhang and Don C. Lawton and Rob R. Stewart Numerical modeling of shear-wave splitting and azimuthal velocity analysis in fractured media   Document
  6 Vanja Milicevic and Dr Robert Ferguson Fluid Flow Numerical Modelling and Its Seismic Response in Time-lapse   Document
  7 Peter Manning Finite-difference staggered-grid modelling in 3 dimensions   Document
  8 Farshid Forouhideh and David Eaton Microseismic monitoring: Insights from moment tensor inversion   Document
  9 Joe Wong and Lejia Han and John C. Bancroft and Don C. Lawton Microseismic research at CREWES   Document
  10 John C. Bancroft and Joe Wong and Lilly Han Sensitivity measurements for locating microseismic events   Document
  11 Marcus Wilson Trace interpolation and elevation statics by conjugate gradients   Document
  12 Salman Bubshait and Don Lawton VSP processing for coal reflections   Document
  13 D. C. Henley and P.F. Daley Hybrid interferometry: surface corrections for converted waves   Document
  14 Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux Nonstationary Predictive Deconvolution   Document
  15 Todor Todorov and Gary Margrave The variable factor S-Transform deconvolution and noise attenuation   Document
  16 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines and Kevin W. Hall and Kayla Bonham Elastic reverse-time migration using a staggered-grid scheme   Document
  17 Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave and Peter C. Gibson Generalized Frames for Gabor Operators in Imaging   Document
  18 Ben Wards Split-step phase-shift time stepping methods for wavefield propagation   Document
  19 Joanna K. Cooper and Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton Delta weights for footprint suppression in 3D prestack migration   Document
  20 Hussain I. Hammad and Gary Margrave Waveform tomography for areas with complex near surface   Document
  21 Rob Ferguson Gabor domain analysis of Q in the nearsurface   Document
  22 Kris Innanen Theory for direct absorptive AVA inversion employing inverse series to characterize attenuating targets   Document
  23 Arnim B. Haase Q-estimation from uncorrelated Vibroseis VSP model data   Document
  24 Larry Lines and P.F. Daley and Latif Ibna-Hamid The accuracy of dipole sonic logs and implications   Document
  25 Taher M. Sodagar and Don C. Lawton Seismic modeling of fluid substitution in carbonates, Alberta   Document
  26 Abdullah Alshuhail and Don Lawton and Helen Isaac Acoustic impedance inversion of the Nisku Formation in a proposed CO2 sequestration storage site in the Wabamun Area, Alberta   Document
  27 Brian Russell and Hong Feng and John Bancroft An empirical study of hydrocarbon indicators   Document