Slide Shows for 2013

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Kevin Hall, Kevin L. Bertram, Malcolm B. Bertram, Eric V. Gallant, Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton Installation of new observation wells at the Priddis Geophysical Observatory   Document
  2 Kevin Bertram, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Hall, Eric Gallant, Don Lawton, Gary Margrave and Kristopher Innanen CREWES in the field, acquisition and preliminary results   Document
  3 Don Lawton, Eric Gallant, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Hall, Kevin Bertram, Rafael Asuaje A new S-wave seismic source   Document
  4 Joe Wong Seismic physical modeling: 2D and 3D surveys and VVAZ/AVAZ effects involving HTI targets   Document
  5 David C. Henley and Joe Wong Which way is up?--experiences with processing physical modeling data   Document
  6 Xiaoqin (Jean) Cui, Laurence Lines and Edward Krebes Seismic modeling and inversion for reflections from fractures   Document
  7 Shahin Moradi and Don Lawton Velocity-stress finite-difference modeling of poroelastic wave propagation   Document
  8 P.F. Daley and G.F. Margrave Synthetic Seismograms in a 3D Orthorhombic Medium   Document
  9 Saul Guevara and Gary Margrave S-waves generated by explosive sources in boreholes   Document
  10 Christopher Harrison, Gary Margrave, Michael Lamoureux, Art Seiwert, Andrew Barrett and Helen Isaac Harnessing harmonics for imaging thin shallow reflectors   Document
  11 Matthew J. Yedlin, Gary F. Margrave, Yochai Ben Horin Instantaneous frequency computation: theory and practice   Document
  12 Raul Cova, David Henley and Kris Innanen An interferometric solution for raypath-consistent shear wave statics   Document
  13 Kris Innanen Internal multiple prediction in the continuous wavelet transform maxima domain   Document
  14 Pan Pan Accuracy vs. speed in 1D and 1.5D interal multiple prediction   Document
  15 Gary Margrave Why seismic-to-well ties are difficult   Document
  16 Heather J.E. Lloyd and Gary F. Margrave The art of well-tying with new MATLAB tools   Document
  17 Patricia Gavotti and Don C. Lawton Inversion of seismic data for assessing fluid replacement in the Nisku formation   Document
  18 Mohammed Alarfaj and Don C. Lawton Kinematic structural forward modeling for fault trajectory prediction in seismic interpretation   Document
  19 John Bancroft Considerations for Reverse-Time migration and Modelling, migration, and inversion with Multilinear Algebra   Document
  20 Babatunde Arenrin, Gary Margrave and John Bancroft Turning-ray tomography and tomostatics   Document
  21 Larry Lines, R. Phillip Bording, and Fereidoon Vasheghani Viscosity estimation using seismic inversion   Document
  22 Vladimir Zubov, Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux Elastodynamic FWI in 2D with partial stacking   Document
  23 Shahpoor Moradi and Kris Innanen Viscoelastic scattering potentials and full waveform inversion sensitivities   Document
  24 Wenyong Pan, Kristopher A. Innanen and Gary F. Margrave Efficient pseudo Gauss-Newton FWI in the time-ray parameter domain   Document
  25 Wenyong Pan, Gary F. Margrave and Ktistopher A. Innanen On the role of deconvolution imaging condition in full waveform inversion   Document
  26 Hassan Khaniani, John C. Bancroft and Eric von Lunen Iterative multiparameter elastic waveform inversion using prestack Kirchhoff approximation   Document