Research Reports 1998

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Brian H. Hoffe, Darren S. Foltinek, Gary F. Margrave, Peter M. Manning Analysis of array forming using the Blackfoot high-resolution 3-C data Abstract Document
  2 Dan Cieslewicz, Don C. Lawton The Blackfoot III buried geophone experiment Abstract Document
  3 Dan Cieslewicz, Don C. Lawton Receiver notching in a linear v(z) near-surface medium Abstract Document
  4 Nasser S. Hamarbatan, Gary F. Margrave Spectral analysis of a ghost Abstract Document
  5 Robert R. Stewart Air-noise reduction on geophone data using microphone records Abstract Document
  6 Carlos Rodriguez-Suarez, Robert R. Stewart Survey design for vertical cable seismic acquisition Abstract Document
  7 Saul Guevara, Robert R. Stewart Multi-component polarization analysis Abstract Document
  8 Jitendra S. Gulati, Robert R. Stewart, Brian H. Hoffe Hydrophone cable acquisition and imaging Abstract Document
  9 Jitendra S. Gulati, Robert R. Stewart, John M. Parkin 3C-3D VSP: The Blackfoot experiment Abstract Document
  10 Colin C. Potter, Robert R. Stewart Density predictions using Vp and Vs sonic logs Abstract Document
  11 John C. Bancroft, Yong Xu Equivalent offset migration for vertical receiver arrays Abstract Document
  12 Henry C. Bland, Darren S. Foltinek CREWES Computer Systems Abstract Document
  13 Darren S. Foltinek, Henry C. Bland 1998 CREWES Software Release Abstract Document
  14 Dmitri Gavrilov, Laurence R. Lines, Henry C. Bland, Tony Kocurko 3-D Depth migration: parallel processing and migration movies Abstract Document
  15 Don C. Lawton, Gary F. Margrave, Eric V. Gallant Physical modelling of an anisotropic thrust Abstract Document
  16 Maria Donati, Nicolas Martin, Robert R. Stewart A comparison of approximations for converted-wave reflection Abstract Document
  17 Laurence R. Lines, Raphael Slawinski, R. Phillip Bording A recipe for stability analysis of finite-difference wave equation computations Abstract Document
  18 Peter M. Manning, Gary F. Margrave Elastic wave finite difference modelling as a practical exploration tool Abstract Document
  19 Yanpeng Mi, Gary F. Margrave Comparison of phase shift cascade and global matrix elastic wavefield modeling Abstract Document
  20 Carrie F. Youzwishen, Gary F. Margrave, Chanpen Silawongsawat Users guide to elastic wavefield modeling with the ELMO software package Abstract Document
  21 Ayon K. Dey, Laurence R. Lines Seismic source wavelet estimation and the random reflectivity assumption Abstract Document
  22 Alana R. Schoepp, Gary F. Margrave Nonstationary deconvolution as applied to the Blackfoot broadband survey Abstract Document
  23 Robert R. Stewart Multimode deconvolution Abstract Document
  24 Robert R. Stewart, Chuandong Xu, Henry C. Bland What is a P-S zero offset section Abstract Document
  25 John C. Bancroft Dip limits on pre- and poststack Kirchhoff migrations Abstract Document
  26 Gary F. Margrave, Robert J. Ferguson Nonstationary filters, pseudodifferential operators, and their inverses Abstract Document
  27 M. Gratziella Kirtland Grech, John C. Bancroft Building complex velocity models using EOM - a case study Abstract Document
  28 Maria Donati, Robert R. Stewart Migration velocity analysis by perturbation for converted waves Abstract Document
  29 Peter W. Cary, Rodney A. Couzens Processing 4-C data from Mahogany Field, Gulf of Mexico Abstract Document
  30 Peter W. Cary P/S wavefield separation in the presence of statics Abstract Document
  31 Han-xing Lu, Gary F. Margrave Reprocessing the Blackfoot 3C-3D data Abstract Document
  32 John Zhang, Laurence R. Bentley Improving reservoir simulation with 4-D seismic surveys Abstract Document
  33 Laurence R. Bentley On incorporating time-lapse seismic survey data into automatic history matching of reservoir simulations Abstract Document
  34 Henry C. Bland, Han-xing Lu, Robert R. Stewart, Brian H. Hoffe The Shaganappi 3C-3D survey Abstract Document
  35 Michael J. Mazur, Robert R. Stewart Interpreting the Hotchkiss structure: A possible meteorite impact feature in Northwestern Alberta Abstract Document
  36 Gary F. Margrave Direct Fourier migration for vertical velocity variations Abstract Document
  37 Xinxiang Li, Gary F. Margrave Pre-stack V(z) f-k migration for P-P and P-S data Abstract Document
  38 Xinxiang Li, John C. Bancroft The natural relation between prestack time migration and residual statics analysis Abstract Document
  39 Gary F. Margrave, Robert J. Ferguson Explicit Fourier wavefield extrapolators Abstract Document
  40 Brian H. Hoffe, Laurence R. Lines Depth imaging of elastic wavefields - where P meets S Abstract Document
  41 Robert J. Ferguson, Gary F. Margrave A nonstationary description of depth migration Abstract Document
  42 Robert J. Ferguson, Gary F. Margrave Examples of prestack depth migration in TI media by nonstationary phase shift Abstract Document
  43 John C. Bancroft Computational speed of EOM relative to standard Kirchhoff migration Abstract Document
  44 John C. Bancroft Optimum CSP gathers with fixed equivalent offset Abstract Document
  45 Luis Alfonso Galdona, John C. Bancroft Energy Distribution on CSP gathers as they approach a scatter point Abstract Document
  46 Yong Xu, John C. Bancroft Statistical Vp-Vs relationships from well logs in Blackfoot Abstract Document
  47 Laurence R. Lines Density contrast is difficult to determine from AVO Abstract Document
  48 Ayon K. Dey, Chandra Rai, Carl Sondergeld Quantifying uncertainties in AVO forward modelling Abstract Document
  49 Maria Donati, Nicolas Martin, Robert R. Stewart Weighted stacking plus traveltime tomography: an proposed pre-stack PS inversion Abstract Document
  50 Jeffrey A. Larsen, Gary F. Margrave, Han-xing Lu, Colin C. Potter Simultaneous P-P and P-S inversion by weighted stacking applied to the Blackfoot 3C-3D survey Abstract Document
  51 Todor I. Todorov, Robert R. Stewart 3-D converted-wave inversion for shear velocity Abstract Document
  52 Todor I. Todorov, Robert R. Stewart, Daniel P. Hampson Porosity prediction using attributes from 3C-3D seismic data Abstract Document