Research Reports 2001

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Henry C. Bland, Eric V. Gallant; Wind noise abatement for 3-C geophones Abstract Document
  2 Henry C. Bland and Eric V. Gallant A simplified tap test method for multicomponent seismic surveys Abstract Document
  3 Kevin W. Hall, Carlos Nieto, Eric V. Gallant, and Robert R. Stewart Multicomponent seismic survey over ground-fast and floating ice, MacKenzie Delta, N.W.T. Abstract Document
  4 Kevin W. Hall, Robert R. Stewart, Monica Moldoveanu Binning considerations for a sparse 4C-3D seismic geometry Abstract Document
  5 Kevin W. Hall, Monica Moldoveanu, Robert R. Stewart Design specifications for a 4-C ocean bottom sensor (OBS) survey at White Rose Abstract Document
  6 Robert R. Stewart,Jessica Jarmillo,Carlos Nieto 4-C ocean-bottom seismometer data from the 2000 SCREECH Cruise, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
  7 Charles P. Ursenbach A generalized Gardner relation Abstract Document
  8 Charles P. Ursenbach Simulation of elastic moduli for porous materials Abstract Document
  9 Ying Zou,Laurence R. Bentley 'FluidSeis' user's guide (A Matlab fluid substitution program) Abstract Document
  10 Charles P. Ursenbach Interactive Explorers: Useful geophysical tools Abstract Document
  11 Sarah E. Richardson,Rudi Meyer,Don C. Lawton,Willem Langenberg Seismic modelling of coal bed methane strata, Willow Creek, Alberta Abstract Document
  12 Carlos Nieto,Robert R. Stewart Angle of incidence estimation for converted-waves Abstract Document
  13 Alexandru Vant,R. James Brown Approximating the P-S reflection coefficient for small incidence angles Abstract Document
  14 P.F. Daley The parabolic cylinder function in elastodynamic problems Abstract Document
  15 Peter M. Manning, Gary F. Margrave Finite difference modelling of near surface effects Abstract Document
  16 David C. Henley, Gary F. Margrave A ProMAX implementation of nonstationary deconvolution Abstract Document
  17 Jeff P. Grossman, Gary F. Margrave, Michael P. Lamoureux, Rita Aggarwala Constant-Q wavelet estimation via a nonstationary Gabor spectral model Abstract Document
  18 Gary F. Margrave, Michael P. Lamoureux Gabor deconvolution Abstract Document
  19 Victor Iliescu, Gary F. Margrave Gabor deconvolution applied to a Blackfoot dataset Abstract Document
  20 Shauna K. Oppert, R. James Brown Methods for isolating coherent noise in the Radon domain Abstract Document
  21 David C. Henley Spectral clipping: a ProMAX module for attenuating strong monochromatic noise Abstract Document
  22 Yan Yan, R. James Brown Suppression of water-column multiples by combining components of OBS surveys Abstract Document
  23 David C. Henley The spectral ratio technique for determining sea-floor reflectivity Abstract Document
  24 Hongbo Zhang, R. James Brown A review of AVO analysis Abstract Document
  25 Andrew Royle Exploitation of an oil field using AVO and post-stack rock property analysis methods Abstract Document
  26 Brian H. Russell,Kenneth J. Hedlin,Fred J. Hilterman,Laurence R. Lines Fluid-property discrimination with AVO: A Biot-Gassmann perspective Abstract Document
  27 Jonathan E. Downton, Laurence R. Lines Constrained three parameter AVO inversion and uncertainty analysis Abstract Document
  28 Charles P. Ursenbach,Robert R. Stewart Extending AVO inversion techniques Abstract Document
  29 Marco A. Perez Finite-difference anisotropic traveltimes and raypaths Abstract Document
  30 P.F. Daley Snell's law in transversely isotropic media Abstract Document
  31 Pavan Elapavuluri,John C. Bancroft Estimation of Thomsen's anisotropy parameter delta using CSP gathers. Abstract Document
  32 Jianli Yang,Don C. Lawton Mapping the conversion point in vertical transversely isotropic (VTI) media Abstract Document
  33 Han-xing Lu,Gary F. Margrave Reprocessing the 1999 Blackfoot 3C-3D seismic data and anisotropy analysis for the radial Abstract Document
  34 Richard A. Bale Weighted stacking of 3-D converted-wave data for birefringent media Abstract Document
  35 John C. Bancroft Review of seismic imaging: poststack Abstract Document
  36 John C. Bancroft Review of seismic imaging: prestack Abstract Document
  37 Shuang Sun,John C. Bancroft How much does migration aperture actually contribute to migration result? Abstract Document
  38 Louis Chabot,David C. Henley,R. James Brown,John C. Bancroft Single-well seismic imaging using the full waveform of an acoustic sonic Abstract Document
  39 Carlos Nieto,Robert R. Stewart Imaging dipping layers in horizontal well borehole seismic surveys Abstract Document
  40 John C. Bancroft Further comments on oblique reflectors Abstract Document
  41 Gary F. Margrave,P.F. Daley Recursive Kirchhoff wavefield extrapolation Abstract Document
  42 Yanpeng Mi,Gary F. Margrave Converted-wave prestack depth imaging with the nonstationary wavefield extrapolators Abstract Document
  43 Yanpeng Mi,Gary F. Margrave Dual-algorithm wavefield extrapolation applied to depth imaging Abstract Document
  44 Jeff K. Beckett,John C. Bancroft Event detection in P-SV prestack time migration using matched filters Abstract Document
  45 M. Graziella Kirtland Grech,P.F. Daley,Don C. Lawton Anisotropic pre-stack depth migration of complex geological structures Abstract Document
  46 Marco A. Perez Integrated high-resolution tomography Abstract Document
  47 Gary F. Margrave,Robert R. Stewart,Jeffrey A. Larsen Joint P-P and P-S seismic inversion Abstract Document
  48 Carla A. Osborne,Robert R. Stewart Analysing the Pikes Peak multi-offset VSP data set Abstract Document
  49 Ian A. Watson,Katherine Brittle,Laurence R. Lines Heavy-oil reservoir characterization using elastic wave properties Abstract Document
  50 Ian A. Watson,Laurence R. Lines Heavy-oil time-lapse seismic monitoring at Pikes Peak, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  51 Laurence R. Lines Seismic monitoring of 'hot and cold' heavy oil production Abstract Document
  52 Don C. Lawton,Robert R. Stewart,Malcolm B. Bertram and Henry C. Bland A multicomponent seismic survey at Calgary International Airport, Alberta Abstract Document
  53 Robert R. Stewart,Han-xing Lu,Don C. Lawton Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and shallow seismic surveys at Calgary International Airport, Alberta Abstract Document
  54 Brian H. Russell,Daniel P. Hampson,Laurence R. Lines,Todor I. Todorov Combining geostatistics and multiattribute transforms - A channel sand case study Abstract Document
  55 Chuandong Xu,Robert R. Stewart Seismic tomography of Maya pyramid ruin, Chan Chich, Belize Abstract Document
  56 David C. Henley New imaging results at the Chan Chich archaeological site Abstract Document
  57 Kevin W. Hall,Eric V. Gallant,Malcolm McKellar,Charles P. Ursenbach,Robert R. Stewart Ultrasonic imaging of a heavy oil recovery model Abstract Document
  58 Laurence R. Bentley,Claude Laflamme,Kristine Schaus Seismic zonation performance measures Abstract Document
  59 Rudi Meyer 4-D seismic and time-lapse reservoir geology Abstract Document
  60 John Zhang,Laurence R. Bentley Seismic monitoring of steamfloods in heavy oil reservoirs: A review Abstract Document
  61 Han-xing Lu,Gary F. Margrave FX spectral analysis for the 1995 and 1999 3C-3D seismic data Abstract Document
  62 Han-xing Lu,Robert R. Stewart Time-lapse seismic analysis for the Blackfoot 1993,1995, 1999 3C-3D seismic datasets Abstract Document
  63 Ying Zou,Laurence R. Bentley Time-lapse Seismic and AVO Modelling, White Rose, Newfoundland Abstract Document