Slide Shows for 2004

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Shaohua Li, Charles M. Henderson and Robert R. Stewart Well log study and stratigraphic correlation of the Cantuar Formation and adjacent strata, SW Saskatchewan   Document
  2 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart Estimating seismic attenuation (Q) from VSP data at a heavy-oil field: Ross Lake, Saskatchewan   Document
  3 Chuandong (Richard) Xu and Robert R. Stewart Impedance estimation from Ross Lake PP and PS seismic data: Ross Lake oilfield, Saskatchewan   Document
  4 Henry C. Bland, Malcolm B. Bertram and Eric V. Gallant Testing the quality of geophone plants for 3-C land acquisition   Document
  5 Robert R. Stewart, Henry C. Bland, Kevin W. Hall, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Jeffrey Thurston Remote, wireless, permanent seismic stations: A mountain case   Document
  6 Zuolin Chen, Robert R. Stewart, Henry C. Bland, and Jeffrey Thurston Hypocentre location and spacial distribution of microseisms: A mountain case   Document
  7 Peter Manning and Gary Margrave Finite-difference modelling with correction filters in a variable velocity medium (contains movies which require Acrobat 6 to display)   Document
  8 Peter Manning and Gary Margrave AVO responses as modelled with a finite-difference program (contains movies which require Acrobat 6 to display)   Document
  9 Mehran Gharibi, Robert R. Stewart and Laurence R. Bentley Coupled seismoelectric wave propagation in porous media   Document
  10 Linping Dong, Gary Margrave and Larry Mewhort Examining the phase property of nonstationary Vibroseis wavelet   Document
  11 Jeff Grossman, Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux Minimum phase revisited   Document
  12 Carlos A. Montana and Gary F. Margrave Compensating for attenuation by inverse Q filtering   Document
  13 David C. Henley Attenuating the ice flexural wave on arctic seismic data   Document
  14 John Millar and John C. Bancroft Deconvolution with Multigrid   Document
  15 Don Lawton Overview of current and upcoming field projects   Document
  16 John C. Bancroft A pot of porridge and a tutorial or there's a shark in my transform   Document
  17 Gary Margrave, Saleh Al-Saleh, Hugh Geiger and Michael Lamoureux The FOCI method of depth migration   Document
  18 Saleh Al-Saleh, Gary Margrave and Hugh Geiger The FOCI method versus other wavefield extrapolation methods   Document
  19 Hugh Geiger and Gary Margrave Automatic selection of reference velocities for recursive depth migration   Document
  20 Richard A. Bale and Gary F. Margrave Elastic wave-equation migration for laterally varying isotropic and HIT media   Document
  21 Laurence R. Lines, Sandy Chen, Patrick Daley, Joan Embleton, Kevin Hall, Albert Zhang and Ying Zou Seismic methods in reservoir monitoring - with applications to heavy oil production   Document
  22 Brian Russell, Dan Hampson and Larry Lines A case study in the local estimation of shear-wave logs   Document
  23 Charles P. Ursenbach and Arnim Haase 'Exploring' spherical-wave reflection coefficients   Document
  24 Jessica Jaramillo Sarasty and Robert R. Stewart Interpretation of PP and PS seismic data from the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland   Document
  25 Julie Aitken and Robert R. Stewart Shallow GPR and seismic surveying in a carbonate environment: Belize, Central America   Document
  26 John J. Zhang, Laurence R. Bentley and Tony Settari Reservoir characterization in Leming Lake, Alberta   Document
  27 Hannah Tran Ng, Larry Bentley and Ed Krebes Monitoring fluid injection using time-lapse analysis: a Rainbow Lake case study (contains movie which requires Acrobat 6 to display)   Document
  28 Don Lawton, Meredith McArthur, Rachel Newrick and Sarah Trend Shallow P and S velocity structure Red Deer, Alberta   Document
  29 Gerardo Quiroga-Goode Twin wavefield (pump-probe) exploration   Document