Slide Shows for 2005

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Chuck Ursenbach CREWES Sponsors meeting survey results   Document
  2 Don C. Lawton, Malcolm B. Bertram, Eric V. Gallant, Henry C. Bland and Robert R. Stewart New geophysical data acquisition systems and upgraded physical modelling facility   Document
  3 Henry Bland, Kevin Hall and Robert R. Stewart Permanent seismic monitoring in a remote location: Upgrades at Turtle Mountain   Document
  4 Gary F. Margrave Footprint: A look at seismic acquisition geometries using 3D prestack depth migration.   Document
  5 Han-xing Lu, Kevin W. Hall, Robert R. Stewart and Robert E. Lory Comparison of three field parameters from a 2D test line, Conroe, Texas   Document
  6 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart Q-factor estimation   Document
  7 Chuandong (Richard) Xu and Robert R. Stewart QQI - a quality indicator for Q estimation from VSP using spectral ratio method   Document
  8 Chuck Ursenbach A simple way to improve PP and PS AVO approximations   Document
  9 Brian Russell, Dan Hampson, Keith Hirsche and Janusz Peron Joint simultaneous inversion of PP and PS seismic data   Document
  10 David C. Henley Common-mode noise discrimination on multi-component seismic data   Document
  11 Osareni Christopher Ogiesoba and Robert R. Stewart Prestack Vp/Vs scanning and automatic PS-to-PP time mapping   Document
  12 Carlos A. Montana and Gary F. Margrave Gabor deconvolution, Hilbert transform and Phase corrections   Document
  13 Richard Bale, Jianchao Li, Bruce Mattocks and Shuki Ronen Robust estimation of fracture directions from 3D converted waves   Document
  14 Karen Pengelly, Larry Lines and Don Lawton Multicomponent processing and interpretation of seismic data from the Jackfish heavy oil project   Document
  15 Zhihong Cao and John Bancroft Radon transforms and multiple attenuation of White Rose data   Document
  16 Saleh Al-Saleh, Gary Margrave, Hugh Geiger and John Bancroft Enhancements to the FOCI algorithm using a WLS approach and CICA for migration velocity analysis   Document
  17 Yongwang Ma and Gary F. Margrave Gabor Depth Imaging and Adaptive Windowing Algorithms   Document
  18 Chad Hogan and Gary Margrave Two new explicit depth migration schemes that honour local velocity gradients   Document
  19 John C. Bancroft Circular Wavefront Assumptions for Gridded Traveltime Computations   Document
  20 Natalia L. Soubotcheva and Robert R. Stewart Delineating a sandstone reservoir at Pikes Peak, Saskatchewan using 3C seismic data and well logs   Document
  21 Jessica Jaramillo Sarasty and Robert R. Stewart Interpreting VSP, streamer, and ocean-bottom seismometer data from the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland   Document
  22 Don Lawton, Marcia Couëslan, Fuju Chen, Henry Bland, Michael Jones, Eric Gallant and Malcolm Bertram Overview of the Violet Grove CO2 seismic monitoring project   Document
  23 Marcia Couëslan, Don Lawton and Mike Jones Violet Grove baseline VSP processing: The bumps along the way   Document
  24 Fuju Chen and Don Lawton Interpretation of baseline surface seismic data at the Violet Grove CO2 injection site, Alberta   Document
  25 A. Budiman, M. Gharibi, C. Frenette, Aqsha, R. Stewart and L. Bentley Numerical modeling of the coupled seismoelectric wave propagation in frequency domain   Document
  26 Julie A. Aitken and Robert R. Stewart Signal processing enhancements of GPR data in a carbonate environment   Document
  27 Jeff Thurston, Robert R. Stewart and I. Louise Forgues Assessing the performance of the CREWES Project: 1989-2005   Document