Slide Shows for 2008

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Gabriela M. Suarez and Robert R. Stewart Full-wave Seismic Analysis: Source comparisons, land streamer tests, and converted-wave processing   Document
  2 Don C. Lawton, Malcolm B. Bertram, Robert R. Stewart, Kevin Hall and Hanxing Lu Priddis 3D seismic survey and development of a training centre   Document
  3 Malcolm B. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall, Robert R. Stewart, Eric V. Gallant, Gary F. Margrave and Rolf Maier Multi-component Spring Coulee project overview   Document
  4 Michael Hons and Rob Stewart Comparison of MEMS accelerometers and geophones at Spring Coulee, Alberta   Document
  5 Zimin Zhang and Robert Stewart Seismic detection of cracks in carbonates associated with potash mining   Document
  6 Joe Wong, Kevin Hall, Eric Gallant, Rolf Maier and Malcolm Bertram Update on the seismic physical modelling facility   Document
  7 Gary F. Margrave, Samantha Taylor and Joanna K. Cooper Towards realistic 3D elastic models of Canadian channel and reef structures   Document
  8 Arnim B. Haase Extending Sommerfeld integral based spherical wavefield computations beyond two layers   Document
  9 David W. Eaton Microseismic focal mechanisms: A tutorial   Document
  10 John C. Bancroft Differential operators   Document
  11 Larry Lines and Fereidoon Vasheghani Reflections on Q   Document
  12 Fereidoon Vasheghani and Larry Lines Q and viscosity   Document
  13 Peng Cheng and Gary F. Margrave Color correction for Gabor deconvolution and nonstationary phase rotations   Document
  14 Alejandro Alcudia, Khaled Al-Dulaijan and Robert Stewart Sound and fury: Air blast & ground roll   Document
  15 David C. Henley and Pat F. Daley Interferometry, raypaths, and converted wave statics   Document
  16 Joanna K. Cooper, Gary F. Margrave, and Don C. Lawton Footprint reduction by angle-weighted stacking after migration   Document
  17 Robert J. Ferguson and Gary F. Margrave 3D anisotropic phase shift operators   Document
  18 Ben Wards, Gary Margrave, and Michael Lamoureux Phase-shift time-stepping for RTM: The Marmousi data experience   Document
  19 P. F. Daley (presented by Gary Margrave) Numerical experiments in diffraction theory: Edge diffraction   Document
  20 Michael P. Lamoureux, Gary F. Margrave and Safa Ismail Solving physics pde's using Gabor multipliers   Document
  21 Hussain I. Hammad and Gary Margrave Imaging the near surface with frequency domain waveform inversion   Document
  22 Chad Hogan, Ken Hedlin, Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux 4D seismic monitoring with full-waveform tomography   Document
  23 Roxana M. Varga and Robert R. Stewart Searching for sand in Saskatchewan: Manitou Lake 3C-3D Project   Document
  24 Abdullah Alshuhail, Don Lawton and Louis Chabot Pembina Cardium CO2-EOR Pilot Project: Timelapse Seismic Analysis   Document
  25 Jason McCrank and Don Lawton Alder Flats 3D data impedance inversion: Detection of an ECBM CO2 flood and Ardley Coal characterization   Document
  26 Lauren A. Ostridge & Robert R. Stewart An integrated geological and geophysical approach to analyzing the hydrocarbon potential of Spring Coulee, Alberta   Document
  27 Maria F. Quijada and Robert R. Stewart Petrophysical and seismic signature of a heavy oil sand reservoir: Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan   Document
  28 Brian Russell, Dan Hampson and John Logel Applying the phase congruency algorithm to seismic data slices ? A carbonate case study   Document