Slide Shows for 2012

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  0 Gary Margrave CREWES Project update   Document
  1 Malcolm Bertram Recent fieldwork activities and analysis   Document
  2 Kris Innanen There's nonlinear and then there's nonlinear... Priddis pulse probe data and large contrast AVO in the lab   Document
  3 Christopher C. Petten and Gary F. Margrave A brief comparison of the frequency spectra from the Hussar 2011 and Priddis 2012 shoots and the theoretical predictions of the Sharpe Hollow Cavity Model (SHCM)   Document
  4 Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary Margrave AVAZ inversion for fracture orientation and density: A physical modeling study   Document
  5 Joe Wong Spread spectrum techniques for simultaneous multi-source seismic acquisition   Document
  6 P.F. Daley and G.F. Margrave Reflectivity modelling by finite difference   Document
  7 Jessie M. Arthur and Don C. Lawton and Joe Wong Physical seismic modeling of a vertical fault   Document
  8 David Cho and Gary F. Margrave Hydraulic fracturing as a global cascade in networked systems   Document
  9 David C. Henley Interference and the art of static correction   Document
  10 Steven Kim and Kris Inannen Exact, linear and nonlinear poroelastic AVO modeling   Document
  11 Peter Gagliardi and Don C. Lawton Orientation azimuth calibration of borehole geophones   Document
  12 Mahdi Almutlaq and Gary Margrave Violet Grove time-lapse revisited: an application of surface-consistent matching filters   Document
  13 Shahin Jabbari and Kris Innanen The roles of baseline Earth elastic properties and time-lapse changes in determining difference AVO   Document
  14 Don Lawton and Gary Margrave and Robert Stewart Reflections on PS: An interactive discussion of problems and promise in converted-wave exploration   Document
  15 John C. Bancroft and Thais Guirigay and Helen Isaac Rapid estimation of converted wave velocities using prestack migration   Document
  16 Thais Guirigay and John C. Bancroft P-S migration using EO method   Document
  17 Naser Yousefzadeh and John Bancroft LSPSM / inversion for pre- and poststack time lapse studies   Document
  18 R. J. Ferguson and M. J. Yedlin and G. F. Margrave and C. Pichot and J.-Y. Dauvignac and N. Fortino and S. Gaffet and M. Ercoli and A. Frigeri and L. Nielsen Seismic data processing of georadar data   Document
  19 R. Askari, R.J. Ferguson and K. DeMeersman Estimation of near surface shear wave velocity using CMP cross-correlation of surface waves (CCSW)   Document
  20 Andrew Nicol and Don Lawton A multicomponent, time-lapse investigation of fracturing in a potash mining region   Document
  21 Nassir Saeed and Larry R. Lines and Gary F. Margrave Time-lapse AVO inversion: Application to synthetic data   Document
  22 Byron M. Kelly and Don C. Lawton Interpretation of time-lapse seismic data from a heavy oil field, Alberta, Canada   Document
  23 J. Helen Isaac and Gary F. Margrave and Monika Deviat and Pam Nagarajappa Processing and analysis of Hussar data for low frequency content   Document
  24 Heather J.E. Lloyd and Gary F. Margrave Using impedance inversion to investigate the low frequencies present in the Hussar data   Document
  25 Patricia Gavotti and Don C. Lawton and Gary F. Margrave and J. Helen Isaac Post-stack inversion of the Hussar low frequency seismic data   Document
  26 Hassan Khaniani and John C. Bancroft and Eric von Lunen Simultaneous P-P and P-S waveform inversion algorithm using pre-stack time imaging method   Document
  27 Vladimir Zubov and Michael Lamoureux and Gary Margrave Grid scaling 2-D acoustic full-waveform inversion   Document
  28 Gary Margrave and Kris Innanen and Matt Yedlin A perspective on full-waveform inversion   Document
  29 Larry Lines and Mahbub Alam Synthetic seismograms, synthetic sonic logs, synthetic core   Document
  30 Brian Russell Dennis Gabor: The father of seismic attribute analysis   Document