Posters for 2018

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
1 Hussain Aldhaw and Donald C. Lawton Evaluation of PP and PS binning for a multicomponent seismic survey from west-central Alberta   Document
2 Kevin L. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall, Kris Innanen, Malcolm Bertram, and Don C. Lawton A brief look at CREWES fieldwork in 2018   Document
3 Timothy Cary, Rachel Lauer, and Kristopher Innanen Monitoring methane gas migration in a near surface confined aquifer using electrical resistivity tomography   Document
4 Huaizhen Chen and Kristopher Innanen Inversion of azimuthal seismic amplitude differences for tilted fracture weaknesses.   Document
5 Raul Cova, Heather K. Hardeman-Vooys, Da Li, and Matt McDonald DAS applications for near-surface characterization and traffic conditions assessment   Document
6 Matt Eaid, Scott Keating, and Kris Innanen Frequency domain adaptive waveform inversion   Document
7 Ali Fathalian, Daniel O. Trad, and Kristopher A. Innanen Viscoacoustic reverse time migration in tilted TI media with attenuation compensation   Document
8 Adriana Gordon and Don C. Lawton Walk away VSP processing of DAS and geophone data at CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta   Document
9 Marcelo Guarido, Junxiao Li, and Raul Cova Applications of machine learning and deep learning on facies classification and salt identification   Document
10 Saul Guevara and Daniel Trad* Looking for SS waves in conventional 3C data   Document
11 Kevin W. Hall and Don C. Lawton Optical fibre dataset registration   Document
12 Heather K. Hardeman-Vooys and Michael P. Lamoureux Analytic models of distributed acoustic sensing data for straight and helical fibre   Document
13 David C. Henley Getting it right: source-receiver offsets in the radial trace transform   Document
14 Nadine Igonin and Kris Innanen Elastic microseismic full waveform inversion: synthetic and real data   Document
15 Scott Keating, Junxiao Li, and Kris Innanen Viscoelastic FWI: solving for QP, QS, VP, VS, and density   Document
16 Michael P. Lamoureux and Heather K. Hardeman-Vooys Jupyter notebooks and hubs for scientific computing   Document
17 Bernard Law and Daniel Trad Velocity model building by slope tomography   Document
18 Don C. Lawton, J. Helen Isaac, and Malcolm B. Bertram Shear-wave studies of the near-surface at the CaMI Field Research Station in Newell County, Alberta   Document
19 Junxiao Li, Huaizhen Chen, and Kris Innanen A 3D pseudo-spectral method for qP- and qSV- wave simulation in heterogeneous VTI media   Document
20 Laurence R. Lines Symbiosis Between Geophysics and Medicine   Document
21 Marie Macquet and Donald C. Lawton Ambient noise correlation study at the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta, Canada.   Document
22 Jorge E. Monsegny and Daniel O. Trad Pure P- and S-wave elastic reverse time migration with adjoint state method imaging condition   Document
23 Shahpoor Moradi and Kris Innanen Azimuthally-dependent scattering potentials and full waveform inversion sensitivities in low-loss viscoelastic orthorhombic media   Document
24 Zhan Niu, Jian Sun, and Daniel O. Trad Inversion with the Born approximation in a deep learning framework   Document
25 Sergio Romahn and Kristopher Innanen Amplitude-based misfit functions in viscoelastic FWI applied to walk-away vertical seismic profile data   Document
26 Wenyong Pan and Kris Innanen Log-validated FWI with wavelet phase and amplitude updating applied on Hussar data   Document
27 Tyler W. Spackman and Don C. Lawton Processing and analysis of data recorded from a buried permanent seismic source   Document
28 Ziguang Su and Daniel Trad Elastic modeling and reverse time migration   Document
29 Jian Sun, Zhan Niu, Kris Innanen, Junxiao Li, and Daniel Trad A deep learning perspective of the forward and inverse problems in exploration geophysics   Document
30 Daniel Trad and Sam Gray Assumptions and goals for least squares migration   Document
31 Ronald Weir, Laurence R. Lines, Don C. Lawton, and David Eaton Can continuously recorded seismic data be improved with signal processing?? The application of deconvolution to microseismic data   Document
32 Lei Yang and Daniel O. Trad Comparisons between time domain and frequency domain least-squares reverse time migration   Document