Posters for 2019

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
1 Farzaneh Bayati and Daniel Trad Exploring two different methods of seismic interpolating operators   Document
2 Kevin L. Bertram, Kris Innanen, Kevin W. Hall, Marie Macquet, Malcolm Bertram, and Don C. Lawton CREWES in the field: 2019 overview   Document
3 Huaizhen Chen, Shahpoor Moradi, and Kris Innanen Joint inversion of PP- and PSV-wave amplitude data for estimating P- and S-wave moduli and attenuation factor   Document
4 Huaizhen Chen and Kris Innanen Nonlinear inversion of seismic amplitude data for attenuation and layer-weaknesses   Document
5 Raul Cova and Kris Innanen Full waveform inversion of multimode surface wave data: numerical insights   Document
6 Matt Eaid, Scott Keating, and Kris Innanen Elastic full waveform inversion of DAS strain data   Document
7 Ali Fathalian, Daniel Trad and Kris Innanen 3D viscoacoustic reverse time migration with attenuation compensation   Document
8 Xin Fu, Kris Innanen Bayesian generalized linear AVA inversion for VTI media   Document
9 Xin Fu, Sergio Romahn, Kris Innanen Waveform inversion combining one-way and two-way wave-equation migration   Document
10 Marcelo Guarido, Daniel Trad, and Kristopher Innanen A CREWES Data Science Initiative and the 2019 Projects   Document
11 Saul Guevara and Daniel Trad SS reflections from conventional 3C data   Document
12 Kevin W. Hall and Don C. Lawton DAS trace location assignment for the CaMI.FRS Fibre loop   Document
13 Heather K. Hardeman-Vooys, Matt McDonald, and Michael P. Lamoureux Image registration for distributed acoustic sensing acquired data using convolutional neural networks   Document
14 David C. Henley and Joe Wong Let there be light: illuminating physical models from the surface   Document
15 Qi Hu and Kris Innanen Study of crosstalk reduction in multiparameter acoustic FWI   Document
16 Shang Huang, Daniel O. Trad Migration with surface and internal multiples   Document
17 Amr Ibrahim and Daniel Trad Inversion-based deblending using Radon operators in common receiver gathers   Document
18 Kris Innanen, Don Lawton, Kevin Hall, Kevin Bertram and Malcolm Bertram Detection of transient time-lapse seismic signatures associated with CO2 injection   Document
19 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton Seismic studies of the near-surface at the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta   Document
20 Nasser Kazemi Automatic blind deconvolution with Toeplitz-structured Sparse Total Least Squares Algorithm   Document
21 Scott Keating and Kris Innanen Null-space shuttles for uncertainty quantification in FWI   Document
22 Michael P. Lamoureux* and Heather Hardeman-Voos Gabor multipliers revisited   Document
23 Bernard Law and Daniel Trad Review of tomographic methods   Document
24 Da Li, Michael P. Lamoureux and Wenyuan Liao Full waveform inversion with unbalanced optimal transport distance   Document
25 He Liu and Kristopher Innanen A first-order qSV-wave propagator in 2D VTI media   Document
26 Marie Macquet and Don Lawton Ambient noise correlation study at the CaMI Field Research Station   Document
27 Jorge E. Monsegny, Daniel Trad and Don C. Lawton RTM of a distributed acoustic sensing VSP at the CaMIField Research Station, Newell County, Alberta, Canada   Document
28 Zhan Niu and Daniel O. Trad Deblending using convolutional neural networks   Document
29 Zhan Niu and Daniel O. Trad Machine learning experiments on velocity extraction from migration images   Document
30 Luping Qu, Jan Dettmer and Kris Innanen Trans-Dimensional multimodesurface wave inversion of DAS data at CaMI-FRS   Document
31 Ziguang Su and Daniel Trad Migration and demigration deblending in receiver domain   Document
32 Daniel Trad A Madagascar package for deblending in multiple flavours   Document
33 Xiucheng Wei and Kristopher Innanen Prediction of reservoir parameters with seismic data   Document
34 R. M. Weir , R. Salvage, D. C. Lawton , and L. R Lines The application of deconvolution to continuously recorded passive seismic data: results from a passive microseismic data set near Fox Creek, Alberta   Document
35 Joe Wong., Hongliang Zhang, Kevin Bertram, and Kris Innanen Physical modeling of microseismics and time reversal   Document
36 Tianze Zhang, Kristopher Innanen, Jian Sun and Daniel Trad A deep learning formulation of elastic FWI with numerical andparameterization analysis   Document
37 Hongliang Zhang, Amr Ibrahim, Daniel Trad and Kris Innanen Interpolation Through Machine Learning   Document
38 Kai Zhuang, Daniel Trad, and Amr Ibrahim Sparse inversion based deblending in CMP domain using Radon operators   Document