Research Reports 2004

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Shaohua Li, Charles M. Henderson, and Robert R. Stewart Well log study and stratigraphic correlation of the Cantuar Formation, southwestern Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  2 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart Estimating seismic attenuation (Q) from VSP data at a heavy-oil field: Ross Lake, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  3 Natalia Soubotcheva and Robert R. Stewart Predicting porosity logs from seismic attributes using geostatistics Abstract Document
  4 Pooyan Karami, Robert R. Stewart, and Chuandong (Richard) Xu. Design of a horizontal well using 3C-3D seismic data at the Ross Lake, Saskatchewan heavy oilfield Abstract Document
  5 Chuandong (Richard) Xu and Robert R. Stewart Delineating a sand channel reservoir using 3C-3D seismic data: Ross Lake, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  6 Henry C. Bland, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Eric V. Gallant Testing the quality of geophone plants for 3-C land acquisition Abstract Document
  7 Henry C. Bland A loss-resistant method of seismic data transmission over wireless data networks Abstract Document
  8 Henry C. Bland, Robert R. Stewart, Zoulin Chen, Jeff Thurston, and Kevin W. Hall Remote, wireless, permanent seismic stations: A mountain case Abstract Document
  9 Zuolin Chen, Robert Stewart, Henry C. Bland, and Jeff Thurston Spatial distribution of microseisms at Turtle Mountain Abstract Document
  10 Kevin W. Hall and Rolf Maier CREWES computer systems: an update Abstract Document
  11 Chad M. Hogan and Gary F. Margrave The new SYNTH/LOGSEC modelling facility Abstract Document
  12 Kimberly A. Munro Automatic event detection and picking of P-wave arrivals Abstract Document
  13 Yongwang Ma, Luiz Loures and Gary F. Margrave Seismic modelling with the reflectivity method Abstract Document
  14 Peter M. Manning and Gary F. Margrave Finite-difference modelling corrections: application in a variable velocity medium Abstract Document
  15 Peter M. Manning and Gary F. Margrave AVO responses as modelled with a finite-difference program Abstract Document
  16 Matteo Niccoli Synthetic seismic modelling and imaging of an impact structure Abstract Document
  17 Amber C. Kelter and John C. Bancroft Characteristics of P, SV, and SH wave propagation in an anisotropic medium Abstract Document
  18 Chunyan (Mary) Xiao, John C.Bancroft, and R. James Brown. Estimating anisotropy parameters in layered VTI media Abstract Document
  19 Matteo Niccoli, Alan R. Hildebrand, and Don C. Lawton Seismic velocity investigation of the Steen River impact structure, northern Alberta Abstract Document
  20 P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes Approximate QL phase and group velocities in weakly orthorhombic anisotropic media Abstract Document
  21 P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes Alternative linearized expressions for qP, qS1 and qS2 phase velocities in a weakly anisotropic orthorhombic medium Abstract Document
  22 P.F. Daley, E.S. Krebes, and Laurence R. Lines Phase velocity approximations in a transversely isotropic medium Abstract Document
  23 Pavan Elapavuluri and John C. Bancroft Equivalent offset migration in anisotropic media Abstract Document
  24 Pavan Elapavuluri and John Bancroft Finite-difference modelling in structurally complex anisotropic media Abstract Document
  25 Mehran Gharibi, R. Arief Budiman, Robert R. Stewart, and Laurence R. Bentley The coupled seismoelectric wave propagation in porous media: Theoretical background Abstract Document
  26 Linping Dong, Gary F. Margrave, and Lawrence E. Mewhort Examining the phase property of the nonstationary Vibroseis wavelet Abstract Document
  27 Jeff P. Grossman, Gary F. Margrave, and Michael P. Lamoureux Minimum-phase revisited Abstract Document
  28 Jan Rubak and Michael P. Lamoureux Energy-preserving windows for nonstationary filtering Abstract Document
  29 Zhihong (Nancy) Cao and John C. Bancroft Multiple attenuation by semblance-weighted Radon transform Abstract Document
  30 Carlos A. Montaña and Gary F. Margrave Compensating for attenuation by inverse Q filtering Abstract Document
  31 Carlos A. Montaña and Gary F. Margrave Phase correction in Gabor deconvolution Abstract Document
  32 Han-xing Lu Effect of out-of-plane energy on a 3C-2D seismic line in the Foothills area Abstract Document
  33 Steven Lynch and Laurence R. Lines Dynamic seismic displays Abstract Document
  34 David C. Henley Attenuating the ice flexural wave on arctic seismic data Abstract Document
  35 David C. Henley A statistical approach to residual statics removal Abstract Document
  36 David C. Henley Projection before picking: a statistical approach to tomographic imaging Abstract Document
  37 Hugh D. Geiger Data preparation for prestack depth migration Abstract Document
  38 Michael P. Lamoureux and Daniel H. Adler Nonstationary image processing via Gabor transforms Abstract Document
  39 John Millar and John C. Bancroft Solving surface-consistent statics with multigrid Abstract Document
  40 John Millar and John C. Bancroft Multigrid deconvolution of seismic data Abstract Document
  41 Christopher B. Harrison An automatic horizon picker, a window extractor and a node finder for the CREWES MATLAB Library Abstract Document
  42 John C. Bancroft Practical equivalent offset processing Abstract Document
  43 Gary F. Margrave, Saleh M. Al-Saleh, Hugh D. Geiger, and Michael P Lamoureux The FOCI (TM) algorithm for seismic depth migration Abstract Document
  44 Saleh M. Al-Saleh, Gary F. Margrave, and Hugh D. Geiger The FOCI method versus other wavefield extrapolation methods Abstract Document
  45 Hugh D. Geiger and Gary F. Margrave Automatic selection of reference velocities for recursive depth migration Abstract Document
  46 Richard A. Bale and Gary F. Margrave Elastic wave-equation migration for laterally varying isotropic and HTI media Abstract Document
  47 John C. Bancroft and Saleh M. Al-Saleh Tutorial on the basics of downward extrapolation operators Abstract Document
  48 John C. Bancroft Continued fraction expansion of the square-root operator Abstract Document
  49 Kun Liu, Hugh D. Geiger, John C. Bancroft, and Gary F. Margrave Stability and accuracy analysis of the space-frequency domain wavefield extrapolators Abstract Document
  50 Saleh M. Al-Saleh, John C. Bancroft, and Hugh D. Geiger Poststack and prestack depth migrations using Hale's extrapolator Abstract Document
  51 Xiang Du and John C. Bancroft 2-D wave modelling and reverse-time migration using a new finite-difference scheme based on the Galerkin method Abstract Document
  52 Xiang Du and John C. Bancroft Modelling and migration using a new finite-difference scheme based on the Galerkin method for irregular grids Abstract Document
  53 Duojun A. Zhang and Laurence R. Lines Seismic methods in heavy-oil reservoir monitoring Abstract Document
  54 Chuandong (Richard) Xu and Robert R. Stewart Estimating impedance from PP and PS seismic data at the Ross Lake oilfield, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  55 Brian H. Russell, Laurence R. Lines, and Daniel P. Hampson A case study in the local estimation of shear-wave logs Abstract Document
  56 Charles P. Ursenbach Three new approximations for estimation of RJ from AVO Abstract Document
  57 Charles P. Ursenbach A non-linear, three-parameter AVO method that can be solved non-iteratively Abstract Document
  58 Arnim B. Haase and Charles P. Ursenbach Spherical-wave AVO modelling in elastic isotropic media Abstract Document
  59 Arnim B. Haase and Charles P. Ursenbach Anelasticity and spherical-wave AVO modelling in isotropic media Abstract Document
  60 Charles P. Ursenbach and Arnim B. Haase An efficient method for calculating spherical-wave reflection coefficients Abstract Document
  61 Arnim B. Haase Modelling of linearized Zoeppritz approximations Abstract Document
  62 Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary F. Margrave Three-parameter AVO inversion with PP and PS data using offset binning Abstract Document
  63 P.F. Daley Ray generation and the PSv primary arrival Abstract Document
  64 Jessica Jaramillo Sarasty and Robert R. Stewart Interpretation of PP and PS seismic data from the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
  65 Julie A. Aitken and Robert R. Stewart Shallow GPR and seismic surveying in a carbonate environment: Belize, Central America Abstract Document
  66 Monica Moldoveanu and Robert R. Stewart 3-D ground-penetrating radar surveys on a frozen river lagoon Abstract Document
  67 John J. Zhang and Laurence R. Bentley Reservoir characterization in Leming Lake, Alberta Abstract Document
  68 John J. Zhang, Tony Settari, and Laurence R. Bentley Reservoir simulation and geomechanical modelling in Leming Lake, Alberta Abstract Document
  69 Nicholas A. Kaprowski and Robert R. Stewart 3C-3D seismic micro-survey at a Maya plaza ruin in Belize, Central America Abstract Document
  70 Hannah T. Ng, Laurence R. Bentley, and Edward S. Krebes Monitoring fluid injection using time-lapse analysis: a Rainbow Lake case study Abstract Document
  71 Don C. Lawton, Meredith A. McArthur, Rachel T. Newrick, and Sarah E. Trend Shallow P and S velocity structure, Red Deer, Alberta Abstract Document
  72 Robert R. Stewart Converted-wave seismic exploration: An update Abstract Document
  73 Jeff Thurston Sources of innovation in the upstream oil and gas industry: Demand pull and technology push Abstract Document
  74 Robert R. Stewart, R. James Brown, and Don C. Lawton A guide to effective geophysical writing and presentation Abstract Document