Slide Shows for 2017

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
0 Kris Innanen Welcome and Introduction   Document
1 Kris Innanen Discriminating elastic wave modes with shaped DAS fibres   Document
2 Don Lawton, Malcolm Bertram, Amin Saeedfar, Marie Macquet, Kevin Hall, Kevin Bertram, Kris Innanen, Helen Isaac DAS and seismic installations at the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta   Document
3 Heather Hardeman, Matt McDonald, Tom Daley, Barry Freifeld, Michael Lamoureux, Don Lawton Vertical Seismic Profiling using Distributed Acoustic Sensing   Document
4 Matt Eaid, Junxiao Li, and Kris Innanen A coupled DAS shaped-fibre and 3D elastic finite difference wave model   Document
5 Kevin W. Hall, Don C. Lawton, Tom Daley1, Barry Freifeld1and Paul Cook1 Source distance and source effort on DAS data   Document
6 Adriana Gordon* and Don C. Lawton Zero offset VSP processing of fiber optic cable (DAS) and geophone array at the CaMI Field Research Station   Document
7 Andy Iverson Internal multiple prediction in the time and offset domains   Document
8 Jian Sun, Kris Innanen, Daniel Trad, Yu Geng Multicomponent internal multiple prediction analysis with elastics tolt-migration, time-stretching, best-fitting by high resolution radon transform   Document
9 Gary Margrave Quantifying Footprint   Document
10 David C. Henley Raypath Interferometry for "fun" and "profit"   Document
11 Larry Lines and Sven Treitel Cascaded Deconvolution Filters   Document
12 Bernard Law and Daniel Trad Comparison of refraction inversion methods   Document
13 Tyler Spackman and Don Lawton Seismic monitoring with continuous seismic sources   Document
14 Sitamai W. Ajiduah and Gary F. Margrave Full Waveform seismic AVAZ responses from orthorhombic model   Document
15 HuaizhenChen and Kris Innanen Seismic responses in fractured reservoir rocks with induced attenuation - Estimation of fracture weaknesses and integrated attenuation factors   Document
16 Wenyong Pan, Yu Gen, Kris Innanen (presenter) Practical multiparameterelastic FWI robust sensitivities, a land / reservoir example, laboratory expansion plans   Document
17 Junxiao Li,Kris Innanen, Wenyong Pan, Geng Yu Frequency domain elastic FWI for VTI media   Document
18 Scott Keating and Kris Innanen Strategies for efficient multiparameter frequency domain QFWI   Document
19 Sergio Romahn and Kristopher Innanen The CREWES seismic physical modelling laboratory as a tool for design and appraisal of FWI methods   Document
20 Hassan Khaniani, Shahpoor Moradi and Daniel Trad A waveform inversion based on pure P- and S- wave separation   Document
21 Raúl Cova, Bernie K. Law and Kris Innanen Toward robust multicomponent FWI on land data: handling topography and data conditioning   Document
22 Marcelo Guarido, Raúl Cova, Sergio Romahn, Larry Lines, Rob Ferguson, and Kris Innanen Fast Waveform Inversion Strategies Applied to Hussar   Document
23 Nadine Igonin and Kris Innanen Microseismic FWI: trade-offs between source and medium properties   Document
24 Daniel Trad Mismatches between physics and operators for least squares Kirchhoff and RTM   Document
25 Ali Fathalian and Kris Innanen Viscoacoustic VTI and TTI wave equations and their application for anisotropic reverse time migration: Constant-Q approximation   Document
26 Michael Lamoureux and Heather Hardeman Particle Swarms for Numerical Wave Equation   Document
27 Shahpoor Moradi and Daniel Trad Quantum computing for seismic problems   Document
28 Marie Macquet and Donald C. Lawton Reservoir simulations and feasibility study for seismic monitoring at CaMI FRS   Document
29 Ronald Weir, L. Lines, D. Lawton The Duvernay Formation-the application of structure and simultaneous inversion for reservoir characterization and induced seismicity   Document
30 Brian Russell The Least-Mean-Square (LMS) algorithm and its geophysical applications   Document