Posters for 2017

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
2 Kevin L. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall, Malcolm B. Bertram, Donald C. Lawton and Kristopher A. H. Innanen Field acquisition in 2017   Document
3 Kevin L. Bertram, Kristopher A. H. Innanen and Joe Wong Moving forward with physical modeling   Document
4 Malcolm B Bertram, Don C Lawton, Kevin W Hall and Kevin L Bertram Data from the downhole array in the CaMIFRS Geophysical Observation Well   Document
5 Timothy Cary, Rachel Lauer, Kristopher Innanenand David Cho Procedure to determine geothermal viability   Document
6 Huaizhen Chen and Kristopher Innanen Linearized reflection coefficient and reflectivity modeling in fractured and attenuative reservoirs   Document
7 Raul Cova, David Henley and Kris Innanen Computing velocity models for S-wave static corrections using ?-differences in the rayparameter domain   Document
8 Matthew Eaid, and Kris Innanen Efficiency in multiple prediction, leveraging the CMP gather   Document
9 Dennis Ellison, Greg Cameron Eliminating time statics from depth imaging   Document
10 Ali Fathalian, and Kris Innanen Approximation constant-Q reverse time migration in the time domain: Unsplit-field PML formulation   Document
11 Yu Geng, Kris Innanenand WenyongPan Subspace method for nonlinearacoustic multi-parameter FWI   Document
12 Marcelo Guarido, Laurence Lines and Robert Ferguson Forward modeling-free full waveform inversion with well calibration   Document
13 Marcelo Guarid, Sergio Romahn, Laurence Lines, Robert Ferguson, Kristopher Innanen Comparing the RTM and PSPI migrations to estimate the gradient using the fast waveform inversion   Document
14 Saul E. Guevara and Gary F. Margrave Attenuation of P and S-waves in the near-surface using upholedata   Document
15 Saul E. Guevara and Gary F. Margrave On SS-waves generated by conventional sources: a numerical experiment   Document
16 Kevin W. Hall Everything you never wanted to know about IBM and IEEE floating point numbers   Document
17 Heather K. Hardeman, Matt McDonald, and Michael P. Lamoureux Scale-invariant image-recognition using convolutional neural networks and wavelet analysis   Document
18 David C. Henley A shift in time: time-lapse detection using interferometry   Document
19 David C. Henley The whole ball of wax: 3D raypath interferometry from start to finish   Document
20 Nadine Igonin and Kris Innanen Applications of FWI to the microseismic source problem   Document
21 Kris Innanen Seismic reflection and transmission within an extended scatterer   Document
22 Kris Innanen Seismic reflections from space-, time-and mixed boundaries   Document
23 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton A summary of surface seismic reflection data acquired at theField Research Station near Brooks, Alberta   Document
24 Andrew Iverson, Kris Innanen, and Daniel Trad 1.5D tau-p internal multiple prediction in Seismic Unix   Document
25 Andrew Iverson, and Kris Innanen Inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction with depth dependent scalars   Document
26 Scott Keating and Kris Innanen Strategies for the efficient implementation of QFWI   Document
27 Hassan Khaniani and Daniel Trad Inclusion of spatial sampling and migration artefacts in AVO/Az analysis using Kirchhoff approximation   Document
28 Bernard Law, Daniel Trad Comparison of travltime computation and ray tracing methods   Document
29 Bernard Law, Daniel Trad Tomography without traveltime picking   Document
30 Junxiao Li, Kris Innanen and Bing Wang Second order H-PML for anisotropic forward wavefield simulation   Document
31 Siming Lv, Kris Innanen Characterizing intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures, part II   Document
32 Siming Lv, Kris Innanen Information measure on a field VSP data set   Document
33 Gary F. Margrave Simultaneous estimation and correction of nonstationary time-shifts and phase rotations   Document
34 Andrew Mills and Kris Innanen Near-surface seismic characterization from sparsely sampled data sets   Document
35 Jorge E. Monsegny Bi-objective optimization for seismic survey design   Document
36 Sergio Romahn, Marcelo Guarido and Kristopher Innanen Comparison between RTM gradient and PSPI gradient in the process of FWI   Document
37 Sergio Romahn and Kristopher Innanen The seismic physical modelling laboratory as a tool for design and appraisal of FWI methods   Document
38 Jian Sun, Kris Innanen,DanielTrad,Yu Geng Multicomponent internal multiple prediction analysis with elastic Stolt-migration, time-stretching, best-fitting   Document
39 Lei Yang, Daniel Trad and WenyongPan Comparison between least-squares reverse time migration and full-waveform inversion   Document