Research Reports 2002

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Andrew J. Royle,John D. Logel,Laurence R. Lines Hebron / Ben Nevis rock property analysis and modelling study Abstract Document
  2 Jessica Jaramillo Sarasty,Robert R. Stewart Well-log analysis of elastic properties from the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
  3 Charles P. Ursenbach Generalized Gardner relation for gas-saturated rocks Abstract Document
  4 Alexandru Vant,R. James Brown Effects of density and velocity changes on the correlation of P-P and P-S reflection events Abstract Document
  5 Rudi Meyer Anisotropy of sandstone permeability Abstract Document
  6 Luiz L. Loures Bayesian reservoir characterization Abstract Document
  7 Luiz L. Loures Porosity Bayesian inference from multiple well-log data Abstract Document
  8 Louis Chabot,R. James Brown,David C. Henley,John C. Bancroft Single-well imaging using full waveform sonic data Abstract Document
  9 Kevin W. Hall,Robert R. Stewart Survey design and acquisition of a 4-C ocean-bottom seismometer survey over the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
  10 Eric V. Gallant,Malcolm B. Bertram,Robert R. Stewart Elastic-wave seismic acquisition systems Abstract Document
  11 Carlos E. Nieto,Robert R. Stewart Ultra high-resolution seismic imaging of permafrost, Devon Island, Nunavut Abstract Document
  12 John C. Bancroft Simplified wave modelling Abstract Document
  13 Gary F. Margrave,Michael P. Lamoureux,Peter C. Gibson,Richard A. Bale,Jeff P. Grossman Exact wavefield extrapolation in 2D for v(x) Abstract Document
  14 Charles P. Ursenbach Optimal Zoeppritz approximations Abstract Document
  15 Rita Aggarwala,Michael P. Lamoureux,Gary F. Margrave Modelling and simulation of seismic reflectivity Abstract Document
  16 Jeff P. Grossman,Gary F. Margrave,Michael P. Lamoureux Fast wavefield extrapolation by phase-shift in the nonuniform Gabor domain Abstract Document
  17 Sarah E. Richardson,Don C. Lawton Time-lapse seismic imaging of enhanced coalbed methane production: a numerical modelling study Abstract Document
  18 Richard A. Bale,Robert R. Stewart The impact of attenuation on the resolution of multicomponent seismic data Abstract Document
  19 P.F. Daley S* - shear energy from a P-wave source Abstract Document
  20 Peter M. Manning,Gary F. Margrave Optimum projections for finite-difference transmitting boundaries Abstract Document
  21 Richard A. Bale Modelling 3D anisotropic elastic data using the pseudospectral approach Abstract Document
  22 Richard A. Bale Staggered grids for 3D pseudospectral modelling in anisotropic elastic media Abstract Document
  23 Gary F. Margrave,Hugh D. Geiger Wavefield resampling during Kirchhoff extrapolation Abstract Document
  24 Linping Dong,Gary F. Margrave,Kevin W. Hall Comparison of wavelet estimates from VSP and surface data Abstract Document
  25 Pavan Elapavuluri,John C. Bancroft Estimation of Thomsen's anisotropy parameters, delta and epsilon, using EO Gathers Abstract Document
  26 Christopher O. Ogiesoba,Robert R. Stewart Kinematic determination of Vp/Vs in multicomponent seismic data Abstract Document
  27 David C. Henley Radial trace filtering revisited: current practice and enhancements Abstract Document
  28 John J. Zhang A new method of NMO and stacking for converted-wave processing Abstract Document
  29 Jianli Yang,Don C. Lawton Comparison of two P-S conversion-point mapping approaches for Vertical Transversely Isotropic (VTI) media Abstract Document
  30 Jeff K. Beckett,John C. Bancroft Event detection in prestack migration using matched filters Abstract Document
  31 Shauna K. Oppert,R. James Brown The Foster-Mosher hyperbolic Radon summation curve and the shifted-hyperbola formulation Abstract Document
  32 Shuang Sun,John C. Bancroft Limited-aperture CSP gathers used for AVO analysis Abstract Document
  33 Linping Dong,Gary F. Margrave Propagating wavelet simulation Abstract Document
  34 P.F. Daley Errata: Reflection and transmission coefficients in T.I. media Abstract Document
  35 P.F. Daley Rays in transversely isotropic media Abstract Document
  36 Gary F. Margrave,David C. Henley,Michael P. Lamoureux,Victor Iliescu,Jeff P. Grossman An update on Gabor deconvolution Abstract Document
  37 Dmitri Lokshtanov Suppression of free-surface effects from multicomponent sea-floor data Abstract Document
  38 Jeff P. Grossman,Gary F. Margrave,Michael P. Lamoureux Constructing adaptive nonuniform Gabor frames from partitions of unity Abstract Document
  39 P.F. Daley Linearized quantities in T.I. media Abstract Document
  40 Brian H. Russell,Laurence R. Lines,Christopher P. Ross AVO classification using neural networks: A comparison of two methods Abstract Document
  41 Charles P. Ursenbach,Robert R. Stewart Estimating seismic shear reflectivity from converted waves Abstract Document
  42 Richard A. Bale,Jeff P. Grossman,Gary F. Margrave,Michael P. Lamoureux Multidimensional partitions of unity and Gaussian terrains Abstract Document
  43 Shuang Sun,John C. Bancroft Amplitude within the Fresnel zone for the zero-offset case Abstract Document
  44 Dmitri Lokshtanov Removal of water layer multiples and peg-legs by wave-equation approach Abstract Document
  45 Faranak Mahmoudian,R. James Brown Approximations to seismic velocities in anisotropic media Abstract Document
  46 John C. Bancroft Introduction to matched filters Abstract Document
  47 Shauna K. Oppert,R. James Brown Improved Radon transforms for filtering of coherent noise Abstract Document
  48 Charles P. Ursenbach Research Note: Improved approximations for anisotropic reflectivities Abstract Document
  49 Henry C. Bland The fusion of ProMAX and Perl Abstract Document
  50 Kun Liu,John C. Bancroft The effects of dip-limited Kirchhoff migration and F-K migration Abstract Document
  51 Hugh D. Geiger,Gary F. Margrave,Darren S. Foltinek,J. Marc Langlois Parallel 3D prestack depth migration using recursive Kirchhoff extrapolation Abstract Document
  52 John C. Bancroft A visual relationship between Kirchhoff migration and seismic inversion Abstract Document
  53 David C. Henley,Gary F. Margrave,Hongbo Zhang Preparing input data for joint PP/PS inversion Abstract Document
  54 Julie A. Aitken,Robert R. Stewart A geological /geoscience overview of the hydrocarbon exploration potential of Belize, Central America Abstract Document
  55 Monica Moldoveanu,Robert R. Stewart,Julie A. Aitken Shallow imaging using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data in a carbonate environment: Belize, Central America Abstract Document
  56 David C. Henley,Robert A. Birch,Robert R. Stewart Near-surface seismic imaging: refraction tomography and reflection imaging Abstract Document
  57 Jessica Jaramillo Sarasty,Robert R. Stewart,David Emery Interpretation of well log, VSP, and streamer seismic data from the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
  58 Carlos E. Nieto,Robert R. Stewart Interpretation of PP and PS seismic data from the Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T. Abstract Document
  59 Jonathan E. Downton,Laurence R. Lines AVO NMO Abstract Document
  60 Hongbo Zhang,Gary F. Margrave,R. James Brown Joint PP-PS joint inversion at Pikes Peak oilfield, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  61 Brian H. Russell,Laurence R. Lines,Daniel P. Hampson Application of the radial basis function neural network to the prediction of log properties from seismic attributes Abstract Document
  62 Ying Zou,Laurence R. Bentley,Laurence R. Lines Time-lapse seismic modeling for Pikes Peak field Abstract Document
  63 Qiaozhi Chen,Laurence R. Lines Thoughts on detecting wormholes in cold production of heavy oil using time-lapse seismology Abstract Document
  64 Don C. Lawton,Gary F. Margrave,Sarah E. Richardson,Robert R. Stewart A 3C-4D surface seismic and VSP program for a coalbed methane and CO2 sequestration pilot, Red Deer, Alberta Abstract Document
  65 Don C. Lawton,Robert R. Stewart,Henry C. Bland Multicomponent seismic survey at Jumpingpound, Alberta Abstract Document