Research Reports 2005

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Malcolm B. Bertram, Don C. Lawton, Eric V. Gallant, Robert R. Stewart New seismic reflection and other geophysical equipment available to CREWES Abstract Document
  2 Eric V. Gallant, Henry C. Bland, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Don C. Lawton The new CREWES/FRP seismic modeling system an update Abstract Document
  3 Jessica Jaramillo Sarasty and Robert R. Stewart Well log analysis at the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
  4 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart Q-factor estimation Abstract Document
  5 Chuandong (Richard) Xu and Robert R. Stewart Interval Q estimation and a quality indicator -- QQI Abstract Document
  6 Henry C. Bland, Kevin W. Hall and Robert R. Stewart Permanent seismic monitoring in a remote location: Upgrades at Turtle Mountain Abstract Document
  7 Zuolin Chen, Robert R. Stewart and Henry C. Bland Analysis of microseismicity at a mountain site Abstract Document
  8 Henry C. Bland and Chad Hogan A hypocentre location method for microseismicity in complex regions Abstract Document
  9 Gary F. Margrave Footprint: A look at seismic acquisition geometries using 3D prestack depth migration Abstract Document
  10 Han-xing Lu, Kevin W. Hall, Robert R. Stewart, and Robert E. Lory Comparison of three field parameters from a 3C-2D test line, Conroe, Texas Abstract Document
  11 Charles P. Ursenbach, Arnim B. Haase and Jonathan E. Downton Improvements and verifications for the Spherical Zoeppritz Explorer Abstract Document
  12 Charles P. Ursenbach and Arnim B. Haase Derivation of generalized reflections from point sources in a two-layer VTI medium Abstract Document
  13 Arnim B. Haase and Charles P. Ursenbach Spherical-wave AVO-modelling in elastic VTI-media Abstract Document
  14 Arnim B. Haase and Charles P. Ursenbach Anelasticity and spherical-wave AVO-modelling in VTI-media Abstract Document
  15 Charles P. Ursenbach A simple way to improve AVO approximations Abstract Document
  16 Amber C. Kelter and John C. Bancroft Estimation of Thomsens anisotropy parameters using NMO equations and neural networks Abstract Document
  17 Chunyan (Mary) Xiao, John C. Bancroft, and R. James Brown Estimation of anisotropy parameters in application to Blackfoot seismic data Abstract Document
  18 P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes Quasi-compressional group velocity approximations in a weakly anisotropic orthorhombic medium Abstract Document
  19 Pavan Elapavuluri and John C. Bancroft Finite difference modelling in a structurally complex 3D orthorhombic medium Abstract Document
  20 Pavan Elapavuluri and John C. Bancroft Estimation of anisotropy parameters in orthorhombic media Abstract Document
  21 John C. Bancroft Comments on fast-filtering and a partition of unity Abstract Document
  22 Natalia Soubotcheva Application of dip and spectral maps to the Pikes Peak data Abstract Document
  23 John J. Zhang, Laurence R. Bentley, Tony Settari, and Ed Krebes Time-lapse seismic modelling in Leming Lake, Alberta Abstract Document
  24 Ojenie Artoun, Diana David-Rus, Matthew Emmett, Lou Fishman, Sandra Fital, Chad Hogan, Jisun Lim, Enkeleida Lushi, and Vesselin Marinov Symbols R Us: Seismic imaging, one-way wave equations, pseudodifferential operators, path integrals, and all that Jazz Abstract Document
  25 Yinbin Liu, Don C. Lawton, and Gary F. Margrave Well-seismic bandwidth and time-lapse seismic characterization: physical considerations Abstract Document
  26 P.F. Daley and R. Maier avoiso: A ray based program for P-SV synthetic seismogram computation for a plane layered isotropic medium Abstract Document
  27 P.F. Daley and R. Maier vspiso: A VSP ray synthetic seismogram program for P-SV wave propagation in an isotropic, homogeneous, plane layered medium Abstract Document
  28 P.F. Daley Snell's law in transversely isotropic media using linearized group velocities and related quantities Abstract Document
  29 P.F Daley Reflected P1S1 and critically refracted P1P2S1 arrivals near a branch point higher order approximations in terms of special functions Abstract Document
  30 R. James Brown and Alexandru Vant Relative polarity of PP and PS events in the registration process and approximations to the PS reflection coefficient Abstract Document
  31 Brian H. Russell, Daniel P. Hampson, Keith Hirsche, and Janusz Peron Joint simultaneous inversion of PP and PS angle gathers Abstract Document
  32 David C. Henley and Arnim B. Haase Higher-order statistics: improved event resolution? Abstract Document
  33 David C. Henley Common-mode noise discrimination on multi-component seismic data Abstract Document
  34 David C. Henley and Arnim B. Haase BICORR - a new ProMAX module for data correlation analysis Abstract Document
  35 David C. Henley Raypath-dependent statics Abstract Document
  36 Osareni C. Ogiesoba and Robert R. Stewart VP/VS from prestack multicomponent seismic data and automatic PS to PP time mapping Abstract Document
  37 Carlos A. Montaña and Gary F. Margrave Hilbert transform, Gabor deconvolution and phase corrections Abstract Document
  38 Carlos A. Montaña and Gary F. Margrave Color correction in Gabor deconvolution Abstract Document
  39 Arnim B. Haase and Charles P. Ursenbach Converted wave resolution as a function of bandwidth Abstract Document
  40 Arnim B. Haase Bicorrelation and random noise attenuation Abstract Document
  41 Karen J. Pengelly, Larry R. Lines, and Don C. Lawton Multicomponent processing of seismic data at the Jackfish Heavy Oil Project, Alberta Abstract Document
  42 Duojun A. Zhang and Larry R. Lines Vp/Vs and AVO analysis used in monitoring heavy-oil cold production Abstract Document
  43 Zhihong (Nancy) Cao and John C. Bancroft Radon transforms and multiple attenuation of White Rose data Abstract Document
  44 Saleh M. Al-Saleh, Gary F. Margrave, Hugh D. Geiger, and John C. Bancroft Migration velocity analysis by the common image cube analysis (CICA) Abstract Document
  45 Saleh Al-Saleh, Gary F. Margrave, and John C. Bancroft Using a transition band in the weighted least-squares design of wavefield extrapolators Abstract Document
  46 Al-Saleh, S. M., Margrave, G. F. Enhancing the FOCI extrapolation method by using a weighted least-squares approach Abstract Document
  47 Saleh M. Al-Saleh and Gary F. Margrave Applying residual phase shifts to wavefield extrapolation Abstract Document
  48 Yongwang Ma and Gary F. Margrave Prestack depth migration with the Gabor transform Abstract Document
  49 Yongwang Ma and Gary F. Margrave A new adaptive windowing algorithm for Gabor depth imaging Abstract Document
  50 Chad M. Hogan and Gary F. Margrave The Stolk operator in GPSPI migration Abstract Document
  51 Chad M. Hogan and Gary F. Margrave Stabilizing explicit w-x migration using local WKBJ operators Abstract Document
  52 Xiang Du, John C. Bancroft, and Larry R. Lines Anisotropic reverse-time migration for tilted TI media Abstract Document
  53 Xiang Du, John C. Bancroft and Larry R. Lines A comparison of anisotropic phase-shift-plus-interpolation and reverse-time depth migration methods for tilted TI media Abstract Document
  54 John C. Bancroft Circular Wavefront Assumptions for Gridded Traveltime Computations Abstract Document
  55 Linping Dong and Gary F. Margrave Depth migration of synthetic surface and VSP data Abstract Document
  56 Natalia L. Soubotcheva and Robert R. Stewart Delineating a sandstone reservoir at Pikes Peak, Saskatchewan using 3C seismic data and well logs Abstract Document
  57 Jessica Jaramillo Sarasty and Robert R. Stewart Interpreting VSP, streamer, and ocean-bottom seismometer data from the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
  58 Don Lawton, Marcia Couëslan, Fuju Chen, Henry Bland, Michael Jones , Eric Gallant and Malcolm Bertram Overview of the Violet Grove CO2 seismic monitoring project Abstract Document
  59 Marcia L. Couëslan, Don C. Lawton, and Michael Jones Baseline VSP processing for the Violet Grove CO2 Injection Site Abstract Document
  60 Fuju Chen and Don Lawton Interpretation of baseline surface seismic data at the Violet Grove CO2 injection site, Alberta Abstract Document
  61 Han-xing Lu, Kevin Hall, Don C. Lawton Violet Grove 2D and 3D data processing at CREWES Abstract Document
  62 John J. Zhang and Laurence R. Bentley Factors determining Poisson's ratio Abstract Document
  63 Julie A. Aitken and Robert R. Stewart Signal processing enhancements of GPR data in a carbonate environment Abstract Document
  64 Monica Moldoveanu-Constantinescu and Robert R. Stewart Near-surface imaging in frozen environments using GPR Abstract Document
  65 John C. Bancroft Modelling for 3D migration of GPR data Abstract Document
  66 Mehran Gharibi, R. Arief Budiman, Robert R. Stewart, and Laurence R. Bentley Numerical modeling of the coupled seismoelectric wave propagation in frequency domain Abstract Document
  67 Jeffrey B. Thurston and Robert R. Stewart What drives innovation in the upstream hydrocarbon industry? Abstract Document
  68 Jeffrey B. Thurston, Robert R. Stewart, and I. Louise Forgues Assessing the performance of the CREWES Project: 1989-2005 Abstract Document