Research Reports 2009

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  0 CREWES Summary Book Abstract Document
  1 Abdullah Alshuhail and Don Lawton and Helen Isaac Acoustic impedance inversion of vintage seismic data over a proposed CO2 sequestration site in the Lake Wabamun Area, Alberta Abstract Document
  2 John C. Bancroft Choosing between the two Apollonius solutions when locating a microseismic event Abstract Document
  3 John C. Bancroft Comments on diffraction modelling Abstract Document
  4 John C. Bancroft EOM hyperbolae Abstract Document
  5 John C. Bancroft Estimating an acurate RMS velocity for locating a microseismic event Abstract Document
  6 John C. Bancroft Estimating the location of a microseismic event when using a vertical array of receivers Abstract Document
  7 John C. Bancroft and Joe Wong and Lejia Han Sensitivity measurements for locating microseismic events Abstract Document
  8 Malcolm B. Bertram and Kevin W. Hall and Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton and Joe Wong and Eric V. Gallant Seismic acquisition projects 2009 Abstract Document
  9 Kayla Bonham and Robert J. Ferguson Seismic data modelling using parallel distributed MATLAB Abstract Document
  10 Salman Bubshait and Donald C Lawton VSP processing for coal reflections Abstract Document
  11 Peng Cheng and Gary F. Margrave The influence of reflectivity color on Gabor deconvolution Abstract Document
  12 Peng Cheng and Gary F. Margrave Q analysis using synthetic viscoacoustic seismic data Abstract Document
  13 Joanna K. Cooper and Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton Delta weights for footprint suppression in 3D prestack migration Abstract Document
  14 P. F. Daley Anelastic media: wave propagation near vertical incidence Abstract Document
  15 P.F. Daley P and S velocity approximations in a poroviscoelastic medium Abstract Document
  16 P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes Reflected PP arrival in anelastic media Abstract Document
  17 David W. Eaton and Adam Pidlisecky and Robert J. Ferguson and Kevin W. Hall Absolute strain determination from a calibrated seismic field experiment Abstract Document
  18 Robert J. Ferguson Antialiasing and wave equation statics by series approximation and inversion Abstract Document
  19 Robert J. Ferguson and Gary F. Margrave and Kevin W. Hall Gabor domain analysis of Q in the nearsurface Abstract Document
  20 Robert J. Ferguson Geophone rotation analysis by polarity inversion Abstract Document
  21 Farshid Forouhideh and David W. Eaton Microseismic monitoring: Insights from moment tensor inversion Abstract Document
  22 Saul Guevara and Gary Margrave Converted wave prestack migration in the presence of topography: synthetic cases Abstract Document
  23 Akshay Gulati and R. J. Ferguson NFFT: Algorithm for irregular sampling Abstract Document
  24 Arnim B. Haase Q-estimation from uncorrelated Vibroseis VSP model data Abstract Document
  25 Arnim B. Haase and David C. Henley Residual converted wave statics Abstract Document
  26 Arnim B. Haase Sommerfeld integral based spherical wave field computation applied to multi-interface VSP models for stratigraphic Q investigations Abstract Document
  27 Kevin W. Hall and Gary F. Margrave and Malcolm B. Bertram Comparison of low-frequency data from co-located receivers using frequency dependent least-squares-subtraction scalars Abstract Document
  28 Hussain I. Hammad and Gary Margrave Waveform tomography for areas of complex near surface Abstract Document
  29 Lejia Han and Joe Wong and John C. Bancroft Hypocenter location using hodogram analysis of noisy 3C microseismograms Abstract Document
  30 Lejia Han and Joe Wong and John C. Bancroft Time picking and random noise reduction on microseismic data Abstract Document
  31 David C. Henley and Han-Xing Lu Hunting reflections in Papua New Guinea: early processing results Abstract Document
  32 David C. Henley and P. F. Daley Hybrid interferometry: surface corrections for converted waves Abstract Document
  33 David C. Henley Intelligent design: the diagnostic mode of Gabor deconvolution Abstract Document
  34 David C. Henley Priddis pulse/probe experiment: still ambiguous Abstract Document
  35 David C. Henley Radial filtering on steroids: the latest algorithm Abstract Document
  36 David C. Henley and Kevin W. Hall and Malcolm B. Bertram and Eric V. Gallant and Han-Xing Lu and Rolf Maier Shaken not stirred: Priddis 2009 3C-2D hi-res acquisition Abstract Document
  37 David C. Henley Smoke and Mirrors: demonstrating interferometry on synthetic converted wave data Abstract Document
  38 David C. Henley Timath and frmath: experimental trace ensemble modules for ProMAX Abstract Document
  39 Chad M. Hogan and Gary F. Margrave An interactive velocity modelling tool in MATLAB Abstract Document
  40 Kris Innanen Deriving the eikonal approximation: a scattering diagram tutorial Abstract Document
  41 Kris Innanen Inverting absorptive reflections: an inverse series tutorial Abstract Document
  42 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton AVO analysis of carbonates Abstract Document
  43 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines Combining absorbing and nonreflecting boundary conditions for elastic wave modelling Abstract Document
  44 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines Elastic prestack reverse-time migration using a staggered-grid finite-difference method Abstract Document
  45 Zaiming Jiang and Kayla Bonham and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines Overcoming computational cost problems of reverse-time migration Abstract Document
  46 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines Using a three-point difference approximation to improve absorbing boundary conditions for elastic wave modelling Abstract Document
  47 Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave Enforcing minimum phase on nonstationary filters Abstract Document
  48 Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave and Peter C. Gibson Generalized frames for Gabor operators in imaging Abstract Document
  49 Don Lawton and Peter Gagliardi and Malcolm B Bertram and Hanxing Lu and Kevin Hall and Joanna Cooper and Eric Gallant and Kevin Bertram Multicomponent seismic survey at Spring Coulee: a data repeatability study Abstract Document
  50 Laurence R. Lines and Patrick F. Daley The accuracy of dipole sonic logs with implications for synthetic seismograms and wavelet estimation Abstract Document
  51 Heather J.E. Lloyd and Gary F. Margrave Modelling from well logs with CREWES tools Abstract Document
  52 Han-xing Lu and Rolf Maier Revisiting the Blackfoot 3C-2D broad-band seismic data Abstract Document
  53 Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary Margrave A review of angle domain common image gathers Abstract Document
  54 Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary F. Margrave Numerical modeling of a fractured medium Abstract Document
  55 Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary F. Margrave and P. F. Daley Taking steps toward generating angle-domain common-image gathers Abstract Document
  56 Rolf Maier and Kevin W. Hall and Han-Xing Lu The CREWES data library Abstract Document
  57 Peter M Manning Finite-difference staggered grid modelling in 3 dimensions Abstract Document
  58 Gary F. Margrave and Michael P. Lamoureux Nonstationary predictive deconvolution Abstract Document
  59 Vanja Milicevic and Dr. Robert J. Ferguson Numerical fluid flow modelling and its seismic response in time-lapse Abstract Document
  60 Carlos A. Montana True surface processing of Spring Coulee Abstract Document
  61 Lauren A. Ostridge and Don C. Lawton and Robert R. Stewart Spring Coulee seismic interpretation Abstract Document
  62 Baolin Qiao and John C. Bancroft Choosing reference velocities for PSPI migration Abstract Document
  63 Baolin Qiao and John Bancroft Error distribution when using first-break arrival times to locate microseismic events Abstract Document
  64 Brian Russell and Hong Feng and John Bancroft An empirical study of hydrocarbon indicators Abstract Document
  65 Ritesh K. Sharma and Gary F. Margrave Numerical estimation of angle of incidence with Bleistein approach Abstract Document
  66 Ritesh K. Sharma and Robert J. Ferguson Reflection and transmission coefficients for SH wave in plane wave domain Abstract Document
  67 Taher M. Sodagar and Dr. Don C. Lawton Seismic modeling of fluid substitution in Redwater Reef, Alberta Abstract Document
  68 Robert R. Stewart A brief history and extended future of full-wave seismic exploration Abstract Document
  69 Robert R. Stewart and Shuhab Khan and Joe Wong and Stuart Hall and Christopher Liner Geophysics field education: Better learning by doing Abstract Document
  70 Todor I. Todorov and Gary F. Margrave Variable-factor S-transform seismic data analysis Abstract Document
  71 Ben D. Wards and Gary F. Margrave and Michael P. Lamoureux Split-step two-way phase-shift time stepping for wavefield propagation Abstract Document
  72 Marcus R. Wilson and Robert J. Ferguson Trace interpolation and elevation statics by conjugate gradients Abstract Document
  73 Joe Wong Microseismic hypocenter location using nonlinear optimization Abstract Document
  74 Joe Wong and Rolf Maier and Eric Gallant and Don Lawton Physical modeling of a 3D marine seismic survey Abstract Document
  75 Abdolnaser Yousefzadeh and John C. Bancroft Feasibility of solving least squares prestack Kirchhoff migration using multigrid methods Abstract Document
  76 Dali Zhang and Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave Estimation of Q and phase velocity using the stress-strain relaxation spectrum Abstract Document
  77 Zimin Zhang and Don C. Lawton and Robert R. Stewart Numerical modeling of shear-wave splitting and azimuthal velocity analysis in fractured media Abstract Document