Posters for 2013

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Khaled Al Dulaijan, Gary Margrave and Joe Wong A physical model investigation of P and S wave azimuthal anisotropy on transmission   Document
  2 Babatunde Arenrin, Gary Margrave amd Rolf Maier Preliminary results using Acceleware's AxRTM API   Document
  3 Jessie Arthur, Don Lawton Seismic interpretation of the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand   Document
  4 Rafael Asuaje, Don Lawton, Malcolm Brtram, Kevin Bertram, Kevin Hall, Eric Gallant Analysis of multicomponent seismic data recorded with a new hydraulic thumper source   Document
  5 John Bancroft Comments on wavefield propagation using Reverse-time and Downward continuation   Document
  6 John Bancroft and Rod Blais Modelling, migration, and inversion using Linear Algebra   Document
  7 Malcolm Bertram, Don Lawton, Kevin Hall, Kevin Bertram and Eric Gallant Recent data from the Priddis Geophysical Observatory   Document
  8 Peng Cheng, Gary Margrave Comparison of Q-estimation methods: an update   Document
  9 David Cho Cross-correlation based time warping of one-dimensional seismic signals   Document
  10 Raul Cova and Kris Inannen Approximate- vs. full-Hessian in FWI: 1D analytical and numerical experiments   Document
  11 Raul Cova, Dave Henley and Kris Inannen Non-stationary shear wave statics in the radial trace domain   Document
  12 Sina Esmaeili and Gary Margrave Recovering low frequencies for impedance inversion by frequency domain deconvolution   Document
  13 Patricia Gavotti and Don Lawton Seismic processing workflow for suppressing coherent noise while retaining low-frequency signal   Document
  14 Saul Guevara and Gary Margrave The role of source modeling in prestack depth migration for AVO estimation   Document
  15 Saul Guevara, Gary Margrave, Babatunde Arenrin, John Bancroft and William Agudelo A case of Converted-wave processing in a complex area: near surface and imaging challenges   Document
  16 Saul Guevara, Gary Margrave and Don Lawton Wave mode separation for a surface with slope using the free-surface response   Document
  17 David Henley and Faranak Mahmoudian Undoing wavefield interference for AVAZ measurements   Document
  18 David Henley and Joe Wong Using X-T plane distortions for wavefield separation   Document
  19 David Henley and Joe Wong Which way is up?-experiences with processing physical modeling data   Document
  20 Kris Innanen and Kevin Hall A collision theory of seismic waves applied to elastic VSP data   Document
  21 Kris Innanen How AVO information can be practically incorporated in full waveform inversion   Document
  22 Kris Innanen Multiparameter full waveform inversion of pre-critical reflection data   Document
  23 Helen Isaac, Lei Zhi, Malcolm Bertram, Don Lawton and Larry Bentley Geophysical characterization of the near-surface at Priddis, Alberta   Document
  24 Helen Isaac and Don Lawton Squeezing more out of 2D seismic data: Processing and interpretation of a pseudo-3D seismic survey from New Zealand   Document
  25 Shahin Jabbari and Kris Innanen A framework for linear and nonlinear S-wave and C-wave time-lapse difference AVO   Document
  26 Shahin Jabbari and Kris Innanen An analysis of time-lapse phase shifts using perturbation theory   Document
  27 Steven Kim and Kris Innanen Linear and nonlinear poroelastic AVO   Document
  28 Jesse Kolb and Kris Innanen Detection and characterization of anelastic AVF with the Gabor transform   Document
  29 Michael Lamoureux, Peter Gibson and Gary Margrave Can we see a velocity ramp in reflection seismic data   Document
  30 Danping Cao and Wenyuan Liao A hybrid tomography method for crosswell seismic inversion   Document
  31 Peter Manning and Joe Wong Finite-difference models with an internal water-bottom boundary condition   Document
  32 Gary Margrave, Kris Innanen, Don Lawton, John Bancroft, Michael Lamoureux and Larry Lines CREWES 5-year research plan: Towards broadband multicomponent seismology and practical iterated inversion   Document
  33 Gary Margrave New features in SYNGRAM   Document
  34 Gary Margrave Q tools: Summary of CREWES software for Q modelling and analysis   Document
  35 Paul McGee and Robert Ferguson Parallel VSP experiment   Document
  36 Davood Nowroozi and Don Lawton Reservoir simulation for a CO2 Sequestration Project   Document
  37 Pan Pan and Kris Innanen More on accuracy vs. Speed in 1D and 1.5D internal multiple prediction   Document
  38 Wenyong Pan and Kris Innanen 1D scalar full waveform inversion inferring convergence properties with analytic and numerical examples   Document
  39 Wenyong Pan, Kris Innanen and Gary Margrave Full Waveform Inversion with Phase Encoded Pseudo-Hessian   Document
  40 Wenyong Pan, Kris Innanen and Gary Margrave Multisource Reverse Time Migration in Anisotropic Media   Document
  41 Wenyong Pan and Kris Innanen Poroelastic Scattering Potentials and Inversion Sensitivities   Document
  42 Chris Petten and Gary Margrave Exploring potential applications of Gaussian Ball Filters in Sharpe's Hollow Cavity Model (SHCM)   Document
  43 Adrian Smith, Sergey Fomel and Robert Ferguson Madagascar - a powerful software package for multidimensional data analysis and reproducible computational experiments   Document
  44 Adrian Smith, Jeremie Bourqui, Youhong (Kay) Liu, Elise Fear and Robert Ferguson Processing of tissue sensing adaptive radar data - an analogue for georadar   Document
  45 Joe Wong, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Bertram, Eric Gallant and Kevin Hall Controlling a land vibrator with m-sequences: a preliminary field test   Document