Posters for 2010

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Mahdi H. Almutlaq and Gary F. Margrave Towards a surface consistent match filter (SCMF) for time-lapse processing   Document
  2 Abdullah Alshuhail and Don Lawton Geophysical characterization of the Devonian Nisku Formation for the Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Project (WASP), Alberta, Canada   Document
  3 James Close and John C. Bancroft Histograms of the Kirchhoff migration operator   Document
  4 John C. Bancroft Seismic reflections from smooth boundaries   Document
  5 John C. Bancroft and Lilly Han Microseismic sensitivity for four receivers on a square grid   Document
  6 Malcolm B. Bertram and Kevin L. Bertram and Kevin W. Hall and Eric V. Gallant CREWES in the field   Document
  7 Chris Bird and Kristopher Innanen and Mostafa Naghizadeh Amplitude calibration of a fast S-transform algorithm   Document
  8 David Cho and Gary F. Margrave Estimation of elastic stiffness parameters in weakly anisotropic rotated HTI media   Document
  9 R. J. Ferguson and A. Pidlisecky and C. Rowell Shot record depth migration of georadar   Document
  10 Thais A. Guirigay and John C. Bancroft Converted wave processing in the EOM domain   Document
  11 Akshay Gulati and Robert J. Ferguson A Simple Algorithm for the Restoration of clipped GPR amplitudes   Document
  12 Akshay Gulati and Robert J. Ferguson Kaiser Bessle gridding kernel for seismic data regularization   Document
  13 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart Near-field effects in VSP-based Q-estimation for an inhomogeneous model   Document
  14 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart Stratigraphic attenuation (Q) effects in heavy oilfiel VSP data   Document
  15 Arnim B. Haase and Donald C. Lawton and Abdullah A. Alshuhail Spectral ratios for the Pembina Cardium formation computed with virtual sources   Document
  16 Kevin W. Hall and Malcolm B. Bertram and Gary F. Margrave and David W. Eaton Priddis low-frequency seismometer test, part 2   Document
  17 Kevin W. Hall and Peter Gagliardi and Don C. Lawton GPS accuracy part 2: RTK float versus RTK fixed   Document
  18 Lilly Han and John C. Bancroft and Joe Wong Back-propagation analysis for hypocenter location   Document
  19 Lilly Han and John C. Bancroft The nearest approach to multiple lines in n-dimensional space   Document
  20 Lilly Han and Joe Wong and John C. Bancroft Pattern-search inversion for hypocenter location   Document
  21 David C. Henley Raypath interferometry for dummies   Document
  22 David C. Henley and Peng Cheng and Gary F. Margrave Nonstationary colour correction in ProMAX   Document
  23 David C. Henly and Kevin W. Hall Recent ProMAX module upgrades   Document
  24 Kris Innanen Anelastic scattering and AVF/AVA inversion of absorptive reflectivity   Document
  25 Kris Innanen A particle/collision model of seismic data   Document
  26 Kris Innanen Decomposition of acoustic/elastic Rp into contributions from 1-parameter reflections coefficients   Document
  27 Kris Innanen The Priddis pump-probe experiment and beyond: theoris for seismic-seismic & seismic-radar interaction   Document
  28 J. Helen Isaac and Joe Wong and Kevin W. Hall Physical modelling of a 3D marine seismic survey   Document
  29 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines Rigid boundary conditions for staggered-grid modelling   Document
  30 Hassan Khaniani and John C. Bancroft Determination of velocity smoothing operator for prestack Kerchhoff depth migration by Common Scatter Point (CSP) gathers   Document
  31 Steve Kim and John C. Bancroft Decomposition of surface consistent statics   Document
  32 Heather Lloyd and Kevin Hall and Gary Margrave New MATLAB functions for reading, writing and modifying SEG-Y files   Document
  33 Heather Lloyd and Gary Margrave Channel Model: Description, acquisition, interpretation and data release   Document
  34 Tyler L. MacFarlane and Gobert J. Ferguson Evaluation of ice-coupled and elevated GPR antenna acquisition on ice   Document
  35 Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary F. Margrave and P. F. Daley and Joe Wong and Eric Gallant Determining elastic constants of an orthorhombic material   Document
  36 Peter M. Manning 2D finite-difference modelling in Matlab, version 1   Document
  37 Peter M. Manning Correction filter use in finite-difference elastic modelling   Document
  38 Mostafa Naghizadeh and Kris Innanen A least-squares shot-profile application of time-lapse inverse scattering theory   Document
  39 Agnieszka Pawlak Azimuthal anisotropy of Hudson Bay using seismic interferometry   Document
  40 Baolin Qiao and John Bancroft Picking microseismic first arrival times by Kalman filter and wavelet transform   Document
  41 Colin R. Rowell and Adam Pidlisecky and James D. Irving and Robert J. Ferguson Imaging lava tubes using ground penetrating radar   Document
  42 A. Nassir Saeed and Laurence R. Lines and Gary F. Margrave Iteratively re-weighted least squares inversion for estimating density from well log   Document
  43 A. Nassir Saeed and Laurence R. Lines and Gary F. Margrave Mud-rock line estimation via robust locally weighted scattering smoothing method   Document
  44 A. Nassir Saeed and Laurence R. Lines and Gary F. Margrave Time-lapse AVO inversion: model building and AVA analysis   Document
  45 Ritesh K. Sharma and Robert J. Ferguson Phase-shift modelling for HTI Media   Document
  46 Ritesh K. Sharma and Robert J. Ferguson Reflection and Transmission coefficients for VTI media   Document
  47 Todor I. Todorov and Gary F. Margrave CDP noise attenuation using local linear models   Document
  48 Vanja Vracar and R. J. Ferguson Conventional and non-conventional seismic differencing in time-lapse   Document
  49 Marcus R. Wilson and Robert J. Ferguson Feasibility of least-squares nonstationary phase shift   Document
  50 Marcus R. Wilson and Akshay Gulati and Robert J. Ferguson Automatic band limited signal reconstruction   Document
  51 Joe Wong Fermat's principle and ray tracing in anisotropic layered media   Document
  52 Dali Zhang and Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave A multiple model and Pade approximation   Document
  53 Zimin Zhang and Robert R. Stewart and Don C. Lawton AVO processing of walkaway VSP data at Ross Lake heavy oilfield, Saskatchewan   Document
  54 Liliana M. Zuleta and Don C. Lawton P-S survey design   Document